Threnodist>>INFESTER - USA

To The Depths... In Degradation - 1994 - Moribund

Infester image
S= Meatshits>>JASON O. [JASON OLIVER]>>Meatshits
G= Meatshits>>JASON O. [JASON OLIVER]>>Meatshits
B= Meatshits>>TODD S. [TODD STEVENSON]>>Meatshits
D= Meatshits>>DJ DERNA>>Meatshits, Abazagorth, Evoken, Funebrarum, Drawn & Quartered, Krohm, Ritual Chamber, Vetus Obscurum

Infester was formed in Seattle in 1992 and quickly issued a demo called Darkness Unveiled. The band had existed as Threnodist for a year. Two songs from the demo were issued by Moribund Records as a single. This lead to a full-length release two years later for the Satanic band. The members also sessioned for Meatshits. Dario Derna sang and played guitar for Abazagorth and keyboards for Evoken.