Revel In Bloodshed - 2004 - Displeased
Heaven Termination - 2005 - Displeased

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Pathology, Occult, Sinister>>Rachel Heyzer-Kloosterwaard - Golly Beings, Houwitser, Monastery, Sinister, Blastcorps, No Face Slave>>AAD KLOOSTERWAARD>>Houwitser, Sinister, Blastcorps, No Face Slave

Sinister, Thanatos, Monastery>>RON V/D POLDER>>Sinister

Sinister, Thanatos, Monastery>>RON V/D POLDER>>Sinister

Golly Beings, Thanatos, Houwitser, Monastery, Sinister, No Face Slave>>AAD KLOOSTERWAARD>>Houwitser, Sinister, No Face Slave

History & Biography
The Dutch band Infinited Hate was formed in 2003 following the demise of Sinister and centred around the death metal couple of Mr. and Mrs. Kloosterwaard both of Sinister fame. The former, while only drumming in Sinister, shared vocals here. Also along for the ride was early Sinister figure of Polder. The band proved its brutal credentials via the Primitive Butchery which lead to a recording contract with local label Displeased Records which was pleased with the band's music. Oddly enough, the band used a drum machine on Revel In Bloodshed. Rachel split after two albums in the autumn of 2005. The band forged ahead announcing Violators Of Sin as the title for its next album. The group signed to Goregiastic Records in late 2006.


Infinited Hate is the new band of Sinister drummer Aad Kloosterwaard (now on vocals), second singer Rachel of Sinister (now reborn as Mrs Kloosterwaard as a tribute to Arch Enemy - see liner thank you notes) and old school Sinister axeman Ron V/D Polder.
The band's music is uncompromised death metal. The band takes flight at high speeds and maims and kills. The vocals are deep and given the presence of two singers varied. Problems do exist though and they are dour. The riffs, and consequently the songs, are virtually indistinguishable from one another. This clearly is not early Sinister then. The band's use of a drum machine is disappointing and the presence of Aad in the band just adds insult to injury. The addition of cliched elements like movie samples and a cover version are hardly beneficial.
For Infinited Hate to become a legitimate successor to Sinister, the trio has to add a real drummer to the fold, incorporate tasty leads and stay away from the by-the-numbers approach of Revel In Bloodshed. - Ali "The Metallian"


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