The Faint Smell Of Suicide - 2002 - Voice Of Life
The Silencer - 2005 - Cruz Del Sur

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S= Melancholia>>I.R. - Night In Gales, The Very End>>Björn Goosses>>Night In Gales, The Very End, Harkon



D= Nemesant, Gosforth>>CRIS Z [CHRIS ZORATH]>>Gosforth, Black Oath

K= Nemesant>>JAN

History & Biography
Milan's Infliction was formed in 1995 and recorded two demos, Heretical and The Bleeding Dreams, in 1996 and 1997. Jan was recruited on keyboards, I.R. on vocals and Hiro/Dhilorz of Ancient on bass. Shows with the likes of Night In Gales, Tiamat and Immortal followed. The band entered Alpha/Omega studio in early 2001 in order to record its debut. The Faint Smell Of Suicide was issued in the spring of 2002. I.R. left the band and was replaced by Night In Gales' Björn Goosses. The band's bassist Fabio Tollis was caught in the web of the satanic Italian group Le Bestie di Satana (The Beasts Of Satan) and murdered in 1998 A tour with Hatesphere followed, as did a contract with Cruz Del Sur. The band's The Silencer sophomore effort was released in late 2005. The band's debut was also re-issued by Cartel Media.

Björn Goosses left the band in early 2006. The act disappeared.


Not sure why a band would entitle its album The Silencer, unless it refers to the competition, but said disc is nonetheless here and on a new label for Italy's Infliction. Past the Tom Araya look-alike singer who dominates the mix, Infliction sounds like a cross between Sentenced, poppy elements with a touch of Nevermore-gone-soft. What works against the band is the clean vocals, the poppy backing vocals and the keyboards obviously. On the other hand, the strong guitars and occasional leads propel The Silencer past mediocrity. Ignoring the one-minute long interlude that sits in the middle of the album and is called Welcome, the song Poisonradio could ironically be on commercial radio given the singing and layered keyboards. The album takes moments like this and then whips into frenzied metal medleys. Sleepers is akin to Nevermore, without making a qualitative comparison of course. The album's closer is called The Voice and is an out-right pop affliction. The album really does want to be the bridge between commercialism and hard rock and heavy metal. - Ali "The Metallian"