Hatred From Outside - 2006 - Deadsun

Ingraved image

G= Gian [Interitus] - MARTIN [MARTYRIUM]

B= Sandro [Enoch]

D= Mario [M16]

History & Biography
This Italian band was formed in 2001 in Brindisi and issued two independent CDs, From The Eyes Of Pain and 2002’s Complete Domination. The latter demo was dedicated to deceased guitarist Hades. The band toured with The Crown and God Dethroned in 2003. Guitarist Gianluigi who had left the band would return in 2003.

The band signed to the French label Deadsun in 2005.The album, which was mastered at Morrisound Studio, was released in January, 2006. Promo 2008 preceded the Onryou full-length demo of 2010. The releases shared a couple of songs. Further independent releases were This Fallen Fear (2012) and From Sour Cries To Loving Eyes (2013). Donatello Chirico was drumming for the band. Tez of Headless was on bass. The band played random concerts and even reported working on new music, but Tony officially pulled the plug on the band in 2017.