Rat0God – 2021 – Listenable Insanity

S= Skineater, Goregang, Dritt Skit>>JERAMIE KLING>>Goregang, Dritt Skit
G= Infernaeon, Scab, Wombbath, The Absence, Ribspreader, Dritt Skit, Gus G., Soilwork, Goregang, Eye Of Purgatory>>TAYLOR NORDBERG>>Infernaeon, Scab, The Absence, Ribspreader, Dritt Skit, Goregang, Eye Of Purgatory
B= Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under, Denial Fiend, Obituary, Hideous>>TERRY BUTLER>>Denial Fiend, Obituary, Hideous
D= Infernaeon, The Absence, Necromancing The Stone, Wombbath, Skineater, Venom Inc. Ex Deo>>JERAMIE KLING>>Infernaeon, The Absence, Necromancing The Stone, Venom Inc. Ex Deo

Another project: Terry Butler (Death, Obituary, Massacre, etc.) joined with Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc., The Absence, etc.) on drums/vocals and Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, Goregäng, etc.) on guitar to form Inhuman Condition in 2020. The band was entering the studio in April 2021. Crusadist was touring the USA’s East Coast supporting Inhuman Condition using the Tourantula monicker in the summer 2021. Lee Harrison of Monstrosity was drumming for Inhuman Condition.

Inhuman Condition was the name of a Massacre EP from 1992.



Inhuman Condition