Gea – 2017 – Art Gates
Chaos Breeder – 2019 – Art Gates


S= STEFFI GARCIA – Sollaertia, Sandmist, Martyrium>>VANJA ‘OBSCURE’ PLAVSIC>>Sollaertia, Sandmist
G= Pejota Perez - Tu Carne>>CRISTÓBAL GALÁN – Wrath Within, Aethyr, Agathos>>MIKE>>Wrath Within, Aethyr, Agathos
B= Acriter, Hädes>>PEDRO ‘PITO’ SAZ
D= Opera Magna, Eye Cluster>>ADRIAN PERALES>>Opera Magna, Eye Cluster


The band was founded in 2003 and issued a demo called Aeternum in 2009. Singer Alberto left in 2010 and was replaced by Steffi Garcia. Art Gates Records signed Spain’s [IN MUTE] in 2016. The band was in the recording process for its new album, which was expected to be released in the first quarter of 2017. Pejota left in 2017 and was replaced by Mike. Garcia left in 2018. [IN MUTE]’s 2019 album was entitled Chaos Breeder and due out through Art Gates Records worldwide on November 15th.



[In Mute]