Black Waters Deep – 2016 – Sliptrick


S= BOSSE ÖHMAN - Dii Minores>>JOHAN SJÖBLOM - Arcane Reality, Dii Minores, Well Of Tears>>KENNETH LARSSON>>Well Of Tears
G= Zweihander, Planet Rain>>BOSSE ÖHMAN - Dii Minores, Well Of Tears, Zweihander, Planet Rain>>JOHAN SJÖBLOM>>Well Of Tears
B= Dii Minores, Well Of Tears>>JON BRUNDIN


The band was founded in 2004. In My Embrace began as a black metal project by Johan Sjöblom and Bosse Öhman as a side project to Johan’s other bands Dii Minores and Well Of Tears. The band would not play live due to Bosse’s tinnitus. The project was put on hold when Johan became busy playing with a band called Zweihander (later to become Planet Rain). In 2007 Johan decided to leave Planet Rain for personal reasons. In My Embrace was restarted in 2010. The song Av Skymning Kommen, Mot Gryning Går was a song written and performed by Bosse in the spring of 2013 about his suicide attempt. An EP called Dead To Dust Descend was issued through Sliptrick. Jon Brundin joined in 2014. Kenneth Larsson joined in 2015. Sweden-based In My Embrace had an album called Black Waters Deep through Sliptrick Records in 2016. The band described itself as black/death metal.



In My Embrace