Extrusion: Battlehymns - 1997 - Teutonic Existence
Operation: Citadel - 2000 - Shiver
Epileptic - 2004 - Goodlife
The Comatose Quandaries - 2005 - Dockyard1

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N.G. [Noise Grinder] [Ben Adams]>>Caducity – Anal Torture, Aborted, Leng Tch’e>>Sven De Caluwé>>Aborted, Leng Tch'e, Welkin, Bent Sea, Oracles, Fatal Blood Eagle, Coffin Feeder – Blockhead>>MIQE LÖFBERG>>Blockhead

Jan Geenen>>Unleash The Fury - Reno Kyela>>Wim Roelants>>Reno Kyela – Locusta>>DOUGLAS VERHOEVEN - I Witness>>KORNEEL LAUWEREINS>>Strych.Nine

Manu Van Tichelen>>Summon The Wolves - Ordeal>>Joel Decoster>>Unleash The Fury - Korneel Lauwereins - Welkin, Leave Scars, Kilte>>FREDERICK PEETERS>>Kilte

Apocryph, Saille>>GERT MONDEN>>Apocryph, Saille

History & Biography
In-quest was an Arendonk, Belgium-based grindcore band formed in 1994 after changing names from System Shit. Guitarist Laurent Swaan was the original founder and came from his own act, Color Of Noise. A 1995 demo was called Xylad Valox. Swann left. Jan Geenen switched to guitar from bass to backfill him. In-Quest replaced guitarist Wim Roelants with Douglas Verhoeven in 1999. Wim was regrouping his old band Reno Kyela. Guitarist Jan was recruited during the Shiver Records’ years. The band released an EP called Destination: Pyroclasm in 2003 before immortalizing Epileptic. A new singer, Mike Löfberg, was recruited for 2005. The group recorded a new demo, called Made Out Of Negative Matter, for which it sought a record company in 2009. In-Quest picked 8 - The Odyssey Of Eternity as the title for its 2013 album, which was scheduled for a late spring release. It turned out to be a demo. The group disbanded in 2014.


Not only does this band's name sound like Denmark's Iniquity, but their logos bear a resemblance as well. Moving past what must be a coincidence, album number two of this Belgian death metal unit is through and through pure death (even if one or two members look like new wavers) complete with gruff vocals, double bass drumming and lyrics about war, curses and ghosts. The band operates a little like early Morgoth, in that they do vary the tempo from rumbling fast to crushingly slow for maximum effect and do throw in a couple of time changes. It is not the most exciting thing ever, but there is enough brutality and violence in this thing to have the cow you only wanted for a one-night stand with, not want to see you! - Ali "The Metallian"