Black Thorns>>IN RUINS - USA

Four Seasons Of Grey - 1999 - Metal Blade
The Curse of Decay - 2006 - JMT

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Inner Sanctum, Fatal Aggression>>JEFF MICHAEL

Inner Sanctum, Fatal Aggression>>JEFF MICHAEL - Fatal Aggression, Skrew>>Jason De Nunzio>>Skrew, Divination

Inner Sanctum>>HANS SCHLOESSER>>Fifty Caliber Kiss

Black Thorns, Fatal Aggression>>SEAN JAMES

History & Biography
In Ruins was a Reading-based death metal band with one album to its credit through Metal Blade. The act was initially formed in 1994 as Black Thorns by J. Michael. The group went into a hiatus and lost its deal. The band signed to JMT in late 2005 for another album, The Curse Of Decay, after several years of inactivity. The group issued a two-song demo in 2010 and went back into slumber.

Another American band called In Ruins was active in Nashville at the same time.



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