Shadowcast – 2010 – Century Media
After Death – 2020 – Nuclear Blast

S= Morgoth, Comecon, Action Jackson, Power Of Expression, Despair>>MARC ‘GROO’ GREWE>>Despair
G= Dimmu Borgir, Nocturnal Breed>>SILENOZ [SVEN KOPPERUD]>>Dimmu Borgir, Nocturnal Breed – Requiem, Old Man’s Child>>Jardar [Jon Øyvind Andersen] – Seven Sins, ICS Vortex, Sarke, Susperia>>CYRUS [TERJE ANDERSEN]>>Susperia
B= Unseen Terror, Napalm Death, Azagthoth, Lock up, Meathook Seed, Venomous Concept, Brujeria, Liquid Graveyard, Absolute Power, Bent Sea>>SHANE EMBURY>>Napalm Death, Lock up, Venomous Concept, Brujeria, Liquid Graveyard, Absolute Power, Bent Sea
D= Naphobia, Devolution, Nile, SMRT, Acheron, Aurora Borealis, Brujeria, Angelcorpse>>TONY LAUREANO>>Naphobia

The band came together in 2004. Century Media issued the band’s debut six years later. Century Media had issued music by the other bands of most members. Insidious Disease, featuring featuring former Morgoth singer Marc Grewe, would release its After Death album through Nuclear Blast Records on 30.10.2020. Elvorn of Susperia had been playing bass for any shows since 2011.



Insidious Disease