Disease! – 2021 - L’Inphantile Collective

S= Suffocate With Your Vomitus>>JIRKA [JIRI VOSAHLIK]
G= Diphteria, Destruction Explosion Of Anal Garland>>MR. DAN [DANIEL WEIS]>>Diphteria, Destruction Exlosion Of Anal Garland
B= Ahumado Granujo>>PETR LUKS
D= Soul Decoder, Diligence>>PREMYSL PLATENIK>>Soul Decoder, Diligence

This grindcore group came together in Prague in 2017. The group came together following the end of DEOAG or Destruction Explosion Of Anal Garland. Serenity Of Suffering was a 2018 demo. The band was part of a split release in 2018 and issued an EP called Suspect in 2019. L'inphantile Collective also issued it. Grindcore band Insistent had an album called Disease! Through L’Inphantile Collective. The band was compared to Nails.


The Czech Republic quartet opens its bio with "Inteligent, Intense, Crushing, Dark, Furious". Four out of five is good (?). Suspect is listed as a full-length but is less than 15 minutes long. The song lengths offer insight as to the band's style. Those 15 minutes are nine songs. Depression takes a few seconds to get into gear. A heavy grinding song appears, it takes on death metal too. About Hunger And Sheep does Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death as one should. Rust continues on from there. Abandoned Monuments keeps it heavy and its lyrics seem to forebode the current pandemic with lines like We are out of luck and Manifestation of human collapse being among the words screamed out by Jiri Vosahlik. Haste Makes Waste offers some more advice for humanity and ironically is the shortest song at just 48 seconds. Overdosed takes a bit more of a slower approach, sounding like a mid-paced death metal song. Terrorstorm is head banging stuff with double base drums aiding. Vanity is hyper speed on display. The closing title track is over three minutes long and affords the grinders a few seconds of an intro and an almost too long outro. Blast beats do their job in between. No suspicions here, check for 15 minutes well spent. – Anna Tergel