In The Halls Of Awaiting - 2002 - Candlelight
Since The Day It All Came Down - 2004 - Candlelight
Above The Weeping World – 2006 - Candlelight
Across The Dark – 2009 - Candlelight
One For Sorrow – 2011 – Century Media
Shadows Of The Dying Sun – 2014 – Century Media
Winter's Gate – 2016 - Century Media
Heart Like A Grave – 2019 – Century Media

Insomnium image
S= Paise, Stonecrow, Watch Me Fall>>NIILO SEVÄNEN>>Watch Me Fall
G= Arrival, Enter My Silence>>VILLE FRIMAN>>Arrival, Enter My Silence - Watch Me Fall, Hateform>>Ville Vänni>>Watch Me Fall, Hateform – Manitou, Gore Penetration, Malpractice, Omnium Gatherum>>MARKUS VANHALA>>Malpractice, Omnium Gatherum – Altaria, Sonata Arctica, Graveyard shift, Cain’s Offering, The Dark Element>>JANI LIIMATAINEN>>Cain’s Offering, The Dark Element
B= Paise, Watch Me Fall>>NIILO SEVÄNEN

Joensuu-based Insomnium was formed in 1997 and featured former Paise drummer Tapani Pesonen. This line-up played around with originals and covers of Amorphis, Paradise Lost and others. Demo '99 and 2000's Underneath The Moonlit Waves were recorded and the band obtained a deal with Candlelight. During 2004 Vänni formed Hateform to cater to his thrash metal needs. The band announced October 17th, 2006 as the release date for Above The Weeping World. The band would release its newest album, Across The Dark, on September 7th of 2009 through Candlelight Records. The CD was recorded at Fantom studio. The band’s line-up was stable. The band completed work on Down With the Sun, a video from Across The Dark. The video was filmed in high-definition and captured the band in a live soundstage setting. Insomnium’s Across The Dark album entered the Finnish charts at the number five slot. Sensing an opportunity, Century Media Records signed the band in the summer of 2010. The band was to enter the studio in December to record its new album for a 2011 release. Insomnium picked One For Sorrow as the title for its next album, which was due in October of 2011 through Century Media Records. The album was recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden with Dark Tranquillity’s Daniel Antonsson.

Insomnium’s Shadows Of The Dying Sun was out through Century Media in mid-2014. It reached position 18 on the German charts. It was Markus Vanhala first album with the band. Finland’s Insomnium recruited Nick Cordle (of Sanctuary and ex-Arch Enemy and Arsis) in the summer of 2015 as the stand-in guitarist for its American tour. Ville Friman was busy with his day job.

Insomnium had written a one-track album called Winter's Gate, which was due out in September through Century Media. The album was a story of the Vikings. Insomnium toured North America with Epica for 2017. Insomnium released a new album, called Heart Like A Grave, through Century Media Records in October. Liimatainen had joined the band on guitar and clean vocals. Insomnium had a new single and video called The Conjurer in 2021. Finland-based Insomnium had an EP, called Argent Moon, through Century Media Records on 17.09.2021.


Since The Day It All Came Down does not care to reinvent the wheel. Instead the Finnish band's second album takes influences like Sentenced (the cover artwork says it all), Children Of Bodom and Dark Tranquility and delivers a solid album of great mid-paced metal. Where Children Of Bodom copy-bands like Norther keep the heaviness low by using keyboards, Insomnium sticks exclusively to metal and instead spices up its music with harmonies, acoustic interludes and a favourable sound. This band also has an overall downbeat sound which is not far from what one might hear from Sentenced.
Insomnium might not have an original bone in its body, but it is difficult to get incensed when the songs are this good. - Ali "The Metallian"

Above The Weeping World is part old In Flames, Paradise Lost, Sentenced and Amon Amarth. For its growling singer, temperamental guitars and driving rhythm it is also the most accessible this style of heavy metal can get.
The band’s third album, the follow-up to 2002’s In The Halls Of Awaiting and 2004’s Since The Day It All Came Down, has fast parts, up-tempo jabs and the growls of Niilo Sevänen, yet can be nearing commercial viability amidst the melodies, consistent guitar harmonies and passionate riffs. At The Gates Of Sleep begins with and incorporates moody acoustic pieces, The Killjoy has a killer riff and a warm bass guitar sound, Last Statement and In The Groves of Death are warm and cold and up and down and switch between the morose and the metal. It is that last track that particularly hints at an undercurrent of pacification or cultivation. No matter, Above The Weeping World is the kind of album that just might clinch the favour of the death and heavy metal fans, yet for now veers sharply to the former for its harsh vocal tones. - Ali “The Metallian”