Supreme Knowledge Domain – 2000 – Repulse
Chaotic Matrix – 2002 – Displeased
Choronzonic Force Domination – 2004 – Displeased
Awakening Of The Rebel – 2006 – Unique Leader
Cyclonic Void Of Power – 2016 - Unique Leader


G= Enormous, Suffer, Ritual>>Leandro>>Ritual - Vermis Antecessor>>DIEGO ALONSO>>Vermis Antecessor
B= Suffer, Goretrade>>ANDRES GARCIA>>Goretrade
D= Fabio Ramirez>>Infernal Hate, Carnal, Virulency – Edwin Quiza>>Animals Killing People – Infernal Hate, Carnal>>Fabio Ramirez - Carnivore Diprosopus>>WILSON "BRIGADIER" HENAO>>Carnivore Diprosopus


Internal Suffering was born in November of 1996 from the ashes of Suffer when the quartet of Fabián (vocals), Leandro (guitars), Andrés (bass) and Jorge (drums) decided to play faster and heavier. The band played a local show with Incantation before Fabian was asked to leave. He would be back for 2003 to 2015. The band entered the studio in early 1998, but dissatisfied with the result the recording was shelved. A year later the result was better and the recording brought the band a deal with Qabalah/Repulse. Drummer Fabio soon left however.

Next up was the recording of the Unmercyful Extermination MCD through Japan’s Macabre Mementos label hot on the heels of a promo demo. A US tour fell apart in 2001 due to visa difficulties, but the band signed with Displeased Records and was recording and releasing albums soon. After two albums and more line-up changes it was off to Unique Leader and a new album for 2006. Fabio Ramirez had returned to the fold in late 2003, but departed in 2015. The band was working with Erik Rutan. The band also issued the Brutal Domination DVD, which was recorded in the USA on the road.

Unique Leader Records signed the band in the autumn of 2014. The band had moved from Colombia to Spain and was working on a 2015 album. Michel Tarazona was on guitar. Internal Suffering would release its fifth full-length in June 2016 through Unique Leader Records. It was called Cyclonic Void Of Power. It came ten years after its predecessor.


It is great to see that the tendency is towards releasing genuine metal bands again. Three years ago lame atmospheric and false black metal bands had infiltrated the Repulse roster. No more. Mighty Music has a press release stating that no more K&F bands will appear on the label and Metal Blade is rediscovering what they always knew, namely that real metal is a better bet than lame atmospheric/grunge/pop kerrap. Never doubting the fact of metal supremacy, TUR is glad to hear this album from this Colombian band. It is very brutally low, crushing and the band has even managed to deliver a crunchy sound. However, as much as I like to recommend tracks like Valley of the Impaled, Enter the Gate of Death and Beyond the Mystic Portal of Madness, the fact remains that this is devoid of any originality. This might be a fun band to bleed to live, but on disc - and watch for a split CD from this bunch - this hybrid Dying Fetus/early Suffocation assault is derivative and lacks the maturity to build a distinct identity. I still would play this loud to severely scare the neighbours, but would not predict the band's ascension to greater and better things. - Ali "The Metallian"

If any country has the right to non-fiction death metal, then it has to be Colombia. What with right wing paramilitary groups, a long-established murderous junta and CIA terrorist activity; Colombia is a state's answer to a death metal club. Let down by the sound quality which lacks much in the high end, Internal Suffering is nonetheless comparable to Cannibal Corpse (patented CC riff on the song Destroyer Entity) and Suffocation's debut. For death metal connoisseurs, however, it is Mexico's Disgorged which Internal Suffering closest resembles. The singer, clearly, is a wild boar on the loose. Past the boring and cliche intro (will bands please stop sampling movies - it has been done to death boys), Internal Suffering does not let up in the course of 30 minutes of hacking, slashing and bruising. Play tip: Vatican Bombardment with the line, 'Missiles destroying every inch of the sacred monument, Shooting the entire faggots population...' Hello Exhorder! This is sicker than amateur hour at your local hospital.


Internal Suffering