Standing On The Sun - 1992 - Hellhound
Unearthed - 2000 - Southern Lord

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War Injun>>J.D. WILLIAMS>>War Injun

Pentagram, Solo>>KELLY CARMICHAEL>>Pentagram, Solo

Pentagram, Severed Satellites, Foghound, War Injun>>ADAM HEINZMAN>>Pentagram, Severed Satellites, Foghound, War Injun

Eric Little>>Earthride, Church Of Misery - Unorthodox>>Ronnie Kalimon>>Unorthodox, Iron Man, Asylum - Dream Death, Penance, Cathedral>>Mike Smail>>Penance, Under The Sun, Dream Death, Monolith Wielder

History & Biography
Maryland’s Internal Void was formed in 1987 with drummer Eric Little in the line-up. The doomsters released several demos like Basement Tapes in 1988, and Voyage in 1991. These resulted in a deal with the German doom metal label Hellhound. The band’s debut album was licensed for America by Nuclear Blast America. That is how the band was given a slot for Relapse's Nuclear Festival in 1993. Relapse was operating as Nuclear Blast America. The band also toured with Saint Vitus at this juncture. A period of inactivity followed and the band was put on ice. A demo called Window To Hell did appear in 1996, but the members were mostly serving elsewhere. A full-length appeared in 2000. A demo called Matricide was issued in 2004 through the band’s own Dogstreet label following Southern Lord’s refusal to issue the material. The band can also be heard on a Blue Cheer tribute CD. Brian Michael Goad became the drummer in 2009. The act played at Maryland Doom in 2016. An old track from the turn of the century made it unto the 777 - 7 Inch Collection in 2018.



Internal Void