Into Eternity - 2000 - DVS
Dead Or Dreaming - 2002 - DVS
Buried In Oblivion - 2004 - Century Media
The Scattering Of Ashes - 2006 - Century Media
The Incurable Tragedy - 2008 - Century Media
The Sirens – 2018 – M-Theory

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Pericardium>>Tim Roth - Chris Krall - Omega Crom>>Stu Block>>Omega Crom, Iced Earth – The Order Of Chaos>>AMANDA KIERNAN>>The Order Of Chaos

Jeff Storry - Danny Nargang>>Kick Axe - Tim Roth - Pericardium>>Rob Doherty>>Final Darkness - Justin Bender – TIM ROTH - Untimely Demise>>MATT CUTHBERTSON>>Untimely Demise

Scott Krall – Planet Eater>>TROY BLEICH>>Planet Eater

Jim Austin - Beyond The Embrace>>Steve Bolognese – The Dead Cold, Bestir, Wroth, Death Toll Rising, Immunize>>BRYAN NEWBURY>>The Dead Cold, Bestir, Wroth, Death Toll Rising, Immunize

Christopher McDougell

History & Biography
Regina’s Into Eternity was formed in 1997. The band issued a self-titled demo that was later picked up by DVS Records. The band managed to make it to Europe to play at ProgPower. By 2002 DVS was sharing duties with Century Media Records. Danny Nargang would soon leave though. Storrey and Krall would join. Shows with Dark Angel, Kataklysm and others would follow, as would guitarist Doherty. Further instability would follow with the departure of bassist Krall though. Vancouver’s Stu Block would replace Chris Krall. The band kept up a demanding schedule of touring with the likes of Opeth, Hammerfall and Edguy, although drummer Adam Sagan would throw in the towel in early 2006. Former guitarist Rob Doherty and GZR vocalist Clark Brown founded a band called Final Darkness in 2007. The Incurable Tragedy was a concept album resulting from the loss of several dear friends and family members by Tim Roth. While guitarist Tim Roth did not play with the band during its 2008 tour with Iced Earth, the new father was back and performing again with the band in November. Drummer Steve Bolognese was back at Berklee College Of Music's world percussion festival for a fourth year in 2010.

The band was soon dropped by Century Media. Iced Earth picked up Stu Block. Into Eternity announced the addition of drummer Brian Newbury from Edmonton’s Death Toll Rising in 2011. The band was writing new music. Steve Bolognese found out about his dismissal after reading about it in the press. The band was seeking a label. Single Bullet Theory recruited drummer Adam Sagan (Into Eternity, Infernaeon and Echoterra). The band was signed to Goomba Music and is completing a new album. Into Eternity recruited Amanda Kiernan of Edmonton’s The Order Of Chaos as its new touring singer. She replaced Stu Block who was in Iced Earth. Rob Doherty, the former Into Eternity and Final Darkness guitarist, died in May of 2012. No reason was disclosed. At the beginning of the summer of 2012 Into Eternity completed a Canadian headlining tour encompassing Western Canada. Lifeforce Records’ Abnormal Thought Patterns was playing shows with Into Eternity in the US West Coast in the summer of 2013. Into Eternity signed a worldwide recording deal with Italian label Kolony Records. The band would release its next album, Sirens, in the autumn of 2015. Matt Cuthbertson was on second guitar. Amanda Kiernan was still on vocals. Adam Sagan died due to T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma cancer in late 2016. He was 36 years old.

Into Eternity had a demo called The Sirens on August 3rd 2018. Amanda Keirnan (The Order Of Chaos) was the band’s vocalist. M-Theory stepped in and signed the band to release the demo as an album. Immunize, Quietus, Into Eternity and others were booked at Canada’s Loud As Hell Festival, which was to take place in Drumheller at Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds from July 30th to Aug 1st 2021. Stu Block was back in the band after the failure of Iced Earth meaning the act had two vocalists. Into Eternity joined the 2022 Hyperspace Metal Festival line-up performing with The Scattering Of Ashes Line-up. The festival was taking place from April 15 to 17 in Vancouver, Canada. Witherfall, Iron Kingdom, Winters Reach, Gatekeeper, Syryn and many others are also scheduled.


Dead Or Dreaming is Into Eternity's follow-up to the self-titled debut of 2000 and marks the Canadian band's signing to Century Media Records. Into Eternity draws influences from many and diverse bands, but remains by and large a journey into a sound all its own. This is a meeting of progressive and thrash metal. That may be, but it is obvious that when Century Media terms a band progressive, it means something different from when a label like Inside Out assigns the band the tag. Into Eternity specializes in a dual-vocals approach complete with much harmonizing at times and alternating singers at others. Most of the time the two vocalists sing in normal voices, but occasionally one screams more aggressively. Overall the vocal harmonies remind one of the new Soilwork. This is Into Eternity's annoying feature. Some of the band's best moments emerge when the two singers stop singing and let the band concentrate on the instrumental portion of their work. The midsection of Unholy demonstrates this. Solos exist but are not extensive. Those that do exist, along with many melodies, draw inspiration from Classical pieces. Into Eternity is not everybody's cup of tea, but rather those looking for more complex thrash metal who also do not mind much vocal harmonization may peek here.

The Canadian band Into Eternity certainly likes to challenge itself and its listeners. The tempo changes, the time changes, the rhythm changes, the fluid solos and the technical maneuvers all point to a bunch of practiced musicians. That being said, Into Eternity's music never manages to quite capture the imagination of the fan - unless to wonder how often these guys practice!
The vocals can be melodic and high-pitched or growling, the music can emulate prog rock or punish the listener with a brutal dose of heavy metal as with the beginning of Embraced By Desolation. Many of the songs feature Classical interludes where the band either composes its own or adopts a known piece as the core of its offering. Black Sea Of Agony is a good example of this routine. This album features a new line-up and shows a band bent on improving. The keyboardist, for instance, has been banished from the act and the instrument been given mere cameo space.
Nevertheless, the band has to pick a fork in the musical road for the quintet to fulfill the mandate of its name and to not fall victim to the fate described in the album's name instead. - Ali "The Metallian"

Tempo changes and dual vocals have become a common trend in the past few years and these Canadians have utilized it as good as any out there. The Scattering Of Ashes is a mix of thrashy heavy metal sounds and screams, frequent and proficient solos and extras such as clean vocals. The progressive term applies only in the sense that the band tries to extend the appeal of the music with the aforementioned extra effect but there is nothing terribly new or groundbreaking in the structure of the songs. As the album progresses through Severe Emotional Distress, Nothing and Timeless Winter the band seems to be trying to keep it as heavy and fast as they can. Surrounded By Night provides one of the surprisingly few acoustic, balladic moments but its back to business as usual on Eternal, Pain Through Breathing, Suspension Of Disbelief and Paralyzed all sticking to the formula that has made many including this quartet successful. - Anna Tergel

The accompanying bio explains that Tim Roth, the guitarist/singer, has gone through several personal tragedies in the recent past, besides losing his father to cancer he has also lost two of his best friends to the same. It is little surprise then that The Incurable Tragedy is a possible title as is the opening 55-second intro, called Prelude To Woe. Tides Of Blood is an Iced Earth/Judas Priest type with high pitched vocals and fast thin riffs. Spent Years Of Regret is much the same with some deep growling and clean vocals thrown into the mix resulting in what is essentially a direction-less song. The short instrumental Symptoms takes a more progressive sounding tinge. Diagnosis Terminal continues the tragic theme and fits in even more vocal styles courtesy of Tim Roth, Troy Belch and Stu Block all contributing in the vocal department. The Incurable Tragedy I (September 21, 2006) is a ballad and part one of a three part title track and starts off with “My story’s is over...Now I realize I won't be leaving this hospital”. Indignation combines a bit of the melodic European metal element and adds yet another direction to dive into. Time Immemorial starts off slow, then gets heavier but ends up offering little new. Part two of the title track is November 10, 2006 and features lyrics like “I'm on my knees but I can't follow...I'm sitting here alone abandoned torn apart.” A Black Light Ending starts off sounding like Megadeth’s Tornado Of Souls and soon reverts back to the usual. One Funeral Hymn For Three obviously refers to the three people lost. The final part of the title track is December 15, 2007 and is a two minute mournful instrumental with pianos and guitars and ends with the sound of a heart beat and a heart monitor that flattens out. Covering many a base, the music as much as the lyrics, is perhaps a very frank reflection of Tim Roth and the band as a whole. - Anna Tergel


Into Eternity