Invader - 2012 - The Innervenus Music Collective

S= Tom Campedel
B= Rich Link

This thrashcore band came to occupy a place in banddom in 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band ripped hardcore with touches of thrash likes its 1982. The band’s first release was a full-length in early 2012 through The Innervenus. Screaming Crow Public Relations handled the marketing. Two Invader songs were slotted in the independent film, Scream Park. Rick Topping became the singer in 2012. The end was in 2013.


This is hardcore the way hardcore was meant to be: ripping, raging, fast and without pause. This band would confuse today’s many a publicist. After all, clichéd vomit-inducing words like “post-hardcore” or “ambient” or “melodic” or “avant-garde” or “I shop at Wal*mart and therefore I am a retarded loser with no self-respect” would never apply to Invader. Speaking of which, this cannot be the first band with this monicker, but one would be hard-pressed to point another out. What an obvious (yet untaken) name.
Musically, the band shrieks hardcore with speed and fury, but keep listening over and over and more influences manifest themselves. There is much brutality on my favourite track BDR 529, several progressive chord changes on Lines In The Sand and Lesser Species and more in P.C.U.S.A. Invader is both rock-solid and respectable. Even the lyrics seem on the right (left) side of things. At the very least, the lyrics are involved and beyond throwaway nonsense.
How come every single two-timing, cheating, adulterous, thrice divorced, whore of a singer/musician sings of “love” for instance?
All is not well in the land of the marauders however. Using movie dubs as intros are beyond cliché - no matter how good Blues Brothers is - and having a hidden track at the disc’s end is stupid. Even more stupid is having a foul joke track that does nothing, but shows the band as not being entirely serious. On the musical front, the drum sound is a mess and the snare indistinguishable if present at all.
Overall, however, a more than decent offering and a rare one in terms of speed and fury. More of the same please because to hell with 'progression.' - Ali “The Metallian”