Invasion - 1986 - Chrysalis
All Systems Go - 1988 - Chrysalis

Invasion image
Journey, Channel>>Robert Fleischman - X-cursion>>Mark Slaughter>>Slaughter

Dan Hartman, Hitchhiker, Treasure, Warrior, Younger Generation, Kiss>>VINNIE VINCENT [VINCENT JOHN CUSANO]

Ozzy Osbourne, Modern Design>>Dana Strum>>Slaughter

Bobby Rock>>Nelson, Nitro, Carnival Of Souls

History & Biography
Vinnie Vincent served with Kiss on the Lick It Up album before being fired amidst personal differences and questions on royalty payments and division. Ironically, the man’s first drummer Hirsh Gardner would complain of the same treatment by the guitarist later on. The guitarist quickly set out to form his own outrageous metal band called Invasion a.k.a Vinnie Vincent’s Invasion.
Vincent would sign to Chrysalis and issue the impressive Invasion. The album was abetted by a wild video for Boyz Are Gonna Rock (oddly featuring Mark Slaughter!) and live touring with Alice Cooper. Fleischman would leave following the release and be replaced for the road by Mark Slaughter. All Systems go did not have the hooks or success of the debut and the band fell apart. Vincent attempted to recruit a new line-up and even redrafted Fleischman. Despite a deal with Enigma, the band would not click. Enigma would soon be bankrupt. The albums were reportedly re-issued on CD, albeit with edited songs and partially new arrangements. Vincent contributed several songs to Kiss’ Revenge album.