Conquered - 1999 - Hammerheart
Berserk Artillery Barrage - 2002 - Forever Underground
Orchestrated Kill Maneuver - 2010 - Rotting Corpse
Destroyer Of Mankind – 2017 - Abyss

Invasion image
S= Yellowtooth, Sea Of Tranquillity, Corporation SS>>PHLEGM [PETER CLEMENS]>>Yellowtooth, Sea Of Tranquillity, Corporation SS
G= Sea Of Tranquillity, ScreamKing>>Tyrant [Ralph Hernandez]>>Sea Of Tranquillity, ScreamKing - K.C. - Shades Of Grey, Sea Of Tranquillity, Skullview, Yellowtooth, Nocturnal Torment>>PHLEGM [PETER CLEMENS]>>Shades Of Grey, Sea Of Tranquillity, Skullview, Yellowtooth, Nocturnal Torment – NIFELHEINOUS – Year Of Desolation, Pitchfork, Prime Specimen, Poisoned Breath>>JOHN HEHMAN>>Year Of Desolation, Pitchfork, Prime Specimen, Poisoned Breath
B= Prophecies Et Sanctus>>WARBASTARD
D= Crusader - Nocturnal Torment, Summon The Vengeance>>Crusader [David Ross]>>Nocturnal Torment, Summon The Vengeance – Cryptic Fog, Nocturne, Relentless, Throne Of Sacrilege, Fin, Colossus, Berator>>D.F.K. [DAN KLEIN]>>Cryptic Fog, Nocturne, Relentless, Throne Of Sacrilege, Fin, Colossus, Berator

The band was originally formed as early as 1989 by Phlegm in Indiana, but soon went into a seven-year hiatus following multiple setbacks and line-up changes. After releasing a debut called Conquered on Hammerheart records of The Netherlands the band and label parted ways (label went under) and Invasion signed with Forever Underground Records. They released 2002’s Berserk Artillery Barrage (the band maintains a military image and stance) before losing original drummer Crusader. Tyrant would soon leave as well preferring to live in Australia. The original recordings for a third album gathered dust. Crusader would return however. The third album of the band was recorded at B & B Studio in La Porte, Indiana after a protracted period where the band members would concentrate on other endeavours. It was issued by yet another new label in the summer of 2010.


It is difficult reviewing a band like this and still give it a ”˜below average’ mark. Invasion has been at it since 1989 and remained true to the brutality. The band even shows a real penchant for death metal by singing about death and dying - World War II more specifically. The band is back with album number three and the disc is laden with power, loudness, noise and samples of war and weaponry. The band - based on the pictorial inside - is comprised of a bunch of ignorant and uncultured jackasses what with their guns and weapons proudly brandished, but sticking with the music how could one not rate such true sounds of death highly? Well, for one the band’s explosive orgy of distortion is submerged under a production likely the result of a 4-track recorder being operated by a novice. Yes, the instruments are individually amiss. The intentions are good though. The band’s base is a mixture of early Entombed/Unleashed and Bolt Thrower. Then the band throws in as much distortion as possible and the truly phlegmy singer grunts to death. Great. Yes. But only theoretically as the songs barely resemble one. Invasion will never ever be accused of being riff-oriented. - Anna Tergel