Iommi - 2000 - Priority
Fused - 2005 - Sanctuary

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History & Biography
Tony Iommi is the guitarist and mainstay of Black Sabbath. The riff master has two albums to his name, although another product stemming from the '90s and featuring Glenn Hughes was eventually released in 2005. The 'DEP' sessions were unleashed with new music and overdubs.
2005’s Fused was a collaboration with Glenn Hughes as well. Iommi’s signature guitar is a Gibson.


A few words about the music before we proceed to some commentary. In contrast to the abomination that was the recent album of fellow Black Sabbather Geezer Fused, while inconsistent, is certainly a strong and convincing album featuring good songs, good riffs and solo and a great vocal performance by Glenn Hughes. While most of the music is either slow or mid-paced, Fused does speed up on occasion. Glenn Hughes comes across as having, er, fused his soulful rock voice with a little bit of Faith No More and a little bit of additional screaming. The heavily distorted chords are backed with an out-of-sync drumming. Modern elements mix with more traditional hard rock and heavy metal. Wasted Again or Face Your Fear are more soulful, but the wonderful Queensrÿche infusion of What You're Living For or the fabulous guitar work of album's nine-minute long closer I Go Insane are beyond reproach.
Fused might be an 'Iommi' album, but one wonders what contractual negotiation necessitated the cover artwork fusion of a 'Tony Iommi' and 'Glenn Hughes'! The sound is full, yet bereft of unnecessary and overused samples. The artwork is minimal, but that just accentuates the serious penmanship. How long has Glenn Hughes been singing? He sounds better than ever. Elsewhere, Sanctuary really needs this album. After investing in a bunch of has-beens in the hope of striking it rich without doing the work of developing artists the label finally has something of which it can be proud. Unfortunately, the label's wasting of money on the likes of Biohazard and Kiss (and a bunch of recent pop acquisitions) probably means that the firm is out of money and cannot mount any type of promotion for this. It is great to hear Fused, for Black Sabbath might have passed it's 'sell by' date, Ozzy might have completely lost it and Geezer might have received bad advice from someone over at the mall, but this album shows someone in the Sabbath camp still has it in him to deliver the goods. - Ali "The Metallian"