Breathing Is Irrelevant - 2003 - Willowtip
Solace - 2005 - Abacus
Minus The Herd - 2005 - Abacus
Cursed - 2010 - Century Media
Cast The First Stone - 2016 - Good Fight

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Gabriel Mccaughry - KEVIN MCCAUGHEY


Miguel Valade>>Negativa - Xavier St-Laurent - Cryptopsy>>DOMINIC GRIMARD>>Cryptopsy


History & Biography
Antoine Lussier and Sebastien Chaput formed Ion Dissonance during the summer of 2001. After recruiting several members (including bassist Sebastien Painchaud) the band recorded and released a demo called .357 in 2002. The band signed to Willowtip and released its debut. The band toured with The Black Dahlia Murder, The Dillinger Escape Plan and others. The band replaced bassist Miguel Valade with St-Laurent and signed to Abacus Recordings. McCaughery left the band in mid-2006 citing disenchantment with the musical genre. Ion Dissonance recruited Singer Kevin Mccaughey (Shaolin, The Last Felony and Despised Icon) in late 2006. The band completed the recording of its newest album, Cursed, which was due in June of 2010 through Century Media Records. It was issued through Basick Records in Europe. The album was recorded at .357 Productions by guitarist Antoine Lussier. Chaput was handling the bass.

Cast the First Stone was issued on Good Fight Music in late 2016. Grimard was on bass. The man would also tour with Cryptopsy in 2023.


Breathing Is Irrelevant. Breathe out once and you might miss three half chords and three dissonant notes. One thing no one can deny Willowtip is the certitude that its every release will be unconventional. Kalibas and Leng Tch'e are fantastic bands to listen to (masochistically speaking), but this Montreal bunch is too contrived to see repeat admission to the The Music Halls of Metallian Towers. The lords and ladies demand music of the gods and when metal is substituted by other - lesser - genres the walls cry in enragement. Such is the case with the arty-covered and jacketed Breathing Is Irrelevant.
The band does betray its Montreal base, by encompassing the chugging of Voivod and the insane riffing of Cryptopsy, but the bulk of this techno thrash theatre is influenced by Meshuggah. The dissonance, tempo changes, depraved screaming and manic layering is as if Cynic took the steroid path to grindcore. It might sound like an interesting curiosity and, much like a hole in a construction wall, one is compelled to take a peek, but the over all reward is not one of a palatial estate. Instead it's a jumbled mess of brick and concrete strewn everywhere. Except, the specious mess, in Ion Dissonance's case, is actually the desired and completed structure. The final outcome is a clutter which was deliberately conceived. - Ali "The Metallian"


Ion Dissonance