Hellish Crossfire – 1985 – SPV
Winds Of War – 1986 – SPV
Live In Bochum – 2013 - Hammerheart
Hellbound – 2018 - Mighty
Emerald Eyes – 2020 - Mighty

Iron Angel image
Superstition>>Dirk Schröder>>Superstition – Superstition>>DIRK SCHRÖDER

Peter Wittke>>Roots – Sven Strüven – Violent, Cu-Sith, Wolfgard>>Mischi Meyer>>Wolfgard - ROBERT ALTENBACH>>Aeon Gods

Thorsten Lohmann – Mania, Maison, Jump, Mad Alien, Not Fragile>>DIDY MACKEL>>Not Fragile, Black Hawk

Superstition>>Mike Matthes>>Superstition - Night Laser>>MÄX BEHR>>Night Laser

History & Biography
The Hamburg-based Iron Angel was one of the early speed metal stalwarts with a sound and image that would strike fear in the hearts of grown men. The band was formed in 1983 and soon issued three demos before signing to SPV. The early monicker of Metal Gods was a high school band stemming from 1980. The first demo was 1984’s Power Metal Attack. It was a rehearsal tape. The band toured Europe and gained some fame for having Ritchie Blackmore’s estranged son, Jurgen, solo on its album. This work was Jurgen Blackmore’s first official recording.

Following the more melodic Winds Of War Wittke moved over to bass guitar and was replaced by one Stefan Kleinow. The album had been criticized and the act fell apart. Matthes and Schröder joined Blackmore in Superstition. The band would reform, but Wittke would die in a car accident in 2000 before the completion of an album called The Rebirth. Sven Strüven died due to drug use in 2008.

In its time, the band played shows with the likes of Nightmare and King Diamond. The two remaining members issued a couple of live independent albums in 2004 and announced an album for 2006. What came next was a 2007 demo called Back From Hell. The band split up in 2007. Schröder left, but again returned in 2014. At that stage, he was the sole original member. Another live album was released through the Dutch Hammerheart Records in 2013. It was recorded in 1986. High Roller issued a sampler called Legions Of Evil in 2016. The group signed to Mighty Music in late 2017. An album called Hellbound was due in May 2018. There was a video for the song Ministry Of Metal. The band played its last concert at the Bavarian Battle Open Air on May 27th, 2022. Mackel joined Black Hawk in 2024.



Iron Angel