The Dukes Of Nothing>>IRON MONKEY>>The Dukes Of Nothing - UK

Iron Monkey - 1997 - Earache
Our Problem - 1998 - Earache
9-13 – 2017 - Relapse


S= John Paul Morrow>>Murder One - Ironside, Hard To Swallow>>JAMES RUSHBY
G= Ironside>>James Rushby>>Hard To Swallow - Dean Berry>>Capricorns - Stuart O’hara – Ironside, Hard To Swallow, Geriatric Unit>>JAMES RUSHBY>>Geriatric Unit
B= Ironside>>Douglas Campbell Dalziel – Desecrator, Helvis, Taken By Force, Colostomy, Cerebral Fix, Consumed, Ravens Creed>>STEVE WATSON>>Ravens Creed
D= Armour Of God, Hard To Swallow, Teeth Of Lion Rules The Divine>>Justin David Greaves>>Hard To Swallow, Teeth Of Lion Rules The Divine, Electric Wizard – My War, Chaos UK>>BRIGGA [SCOTT BRIGGS]>>Chaos UK


Iron Monkey was Earache’s follow-up foray into doom metal and sludge after Cathedral. The band was based in Nottingham and gained some notoriety when its second album contained several 'silent' tracks. The band issued an EP called We’ve Learned Nothing in 1999 and a split CD with Church Of Misery later in that year.

Former vocalist Johnny Morrow was found dead in his flat on June 22nd, 2002 following a period of heart failure and kidney. Drummer Greaves didn’t have to go far artistically to join Electric Wizard.

The band played several shows as The Dukes Of Nothing when O’Hara went ill mid-tour in 1999. Iron Monkey’s Our Problem and Iron Monkey albums were reissued by Earache Records as one package in June of 2009. There were several bonus tracks. The group reformed in 2017. Relapse Records signed the group. The band was at Moot Group studio recording an album. A Mr. Brigga was on drums now. Iron Monkey’s 9-13 came after some twenty years of absence. The album was issued through Relapse Records in October.



Iron Monkey