Feel No Fear - 1994 - Eurisko
Enter The Dragon Empire - 1996 - Super Stop
Crownless Majesty - 2001 - Hemisphere

Isengard image
S= Linus Melchoirsen>>Demental, Symmetry In Sound, Los Sin Nombre, Viral - Odin [Tony Ulvan] - Crystal Blue>>Morgan J. Johansson
B= Eternity’s End, Powerdise>>Janne “Goat” Tillman>>Powerdise
D= Desire, Eternity’s End>>UFFE TILLMAN>>Crossing Eternity

Isengard was formed by the brothers Tillman in Vikingstad near Linköping (Séance, Satanic slaughter, etc.) of 1988. A demo called Atomic Winter was recorded in 1992. The band signed to a label called Bums, but the elusive company went broke before anything transpired. The label was soon resurrected as Eurisko however and the debut went ahead.

The second album was issued independently before being licensed to record companies. Janne left in 2004. He was replaced by Ted Lundin. The band returned of course, in this case in 2011. A demo called Sail Into Orion appeared in 2013. Helena Astrom and Peter Hogberg were on vocals. Peo Lovholm was on piano. The band split up again in 2016.

This heavy metal band should not be confused with the Norwegian Isengard, which is geared towards black metal. Isengard is the fortress of evil Saruman in The Lord Of The Rings novels. Orion is both a hunter in Greek mythology and a stellar constellation.