IXXI - 2007 - Total Holocaust
Assorted Armament - 2007 - Sigilla Malae
Elect Darkness - 2009 - Candlelight

IXXI image
S= Zavorash>>TOTALSCORN>>Zavorash
G= Ondskapt>>ACERBUS>>Ondskapt - Ondskapt, Dimhymn, Lifelover>>NATTDAL>>Ondskapt, Dimhymn, Lifelover - Talon
B= Ondskapt>>AVSKY>>Ondskapt
D= Lifelover, Libricum>>Selin>>Lifelover, Libricum - Smoker

IXXI, or 911, was formed in the Capital of Sweden, Stockholm, in 2006 as a side-project of Ondskapt members and soon issued two albums respectively featuring Selin and Smoker on drums. The debut was mixed and mastered by Devo Andersson known for his work with Marduk. The band aimed for a release date of 9/11 of course. The third album was released in May of 2009 on Candlelight. It featured third guitarist Talon who would quit before the album’s release.


After toiling in the utter darkness of two struggling record labels IXXI moves up one notch to Candlelight Records and introduces itself just a little better. Elect Darkness is quite an impressive album, but it is also a peculiar one. The album’s musical and lyrical style straddles the line between death and black metal, yet the band neither sounds original nor like any one band. Brutal and heavy riffs aplenty live alongside dynamic riffing and an evil collection of infernal music. The most obvious influences upon the band’s sound might be Mayhem and Satyricon, although there is much more than just those two on the go here and much of it is very good. IXXI is neither the heaviest nor the fastest band one would ever hear, despite the obvious extremeness of it all; rather it is the quality and abundance of riffs that propel the band into another plane of bands. The group’s ability to channel sounds into a plethora of riffs and speeds will contribute to the album’s longevity. The album’s worst moment is a toss-up between the mallcore sound at the beginning of Southern Tribes or the lame Månegarm hoarse vocals on Vindicator, while the best might just be the vibrant guitars mixed with the evil vocals on Eastern Minions or the bass drum thunder on Sinrush. Incidentally, other songs titles are Western Plagues and Northern Floods. Elect Darkness! - Ali “The Metallian”