Power Games – 1983 – Neat
This Time – 1984 – Roadrunner
Wake Me – 2000 – Neat
Run Ragged – 2003 – Angel Air
Metal X – 2014 – Golden Core

Jaguar image
S= Rob Reiss – Hellrazer, Stormtrooper>>Paul Merrell – Exclusion, Murmur>>Jamie Manton
G= The Arena, Sweet Young Things>>GARRY PEPPERD>>The Arena, Sweet Young Things
B= Targa, The Lost Boyz>>Jeff Cox>>Targa, The Lost Boyz – Song About Suicide, Exclusion, Hot Meat Injection>>Darren Furze – SIMON PATEL
D= Chris Lovell – Motherlove, Smokin, Smiler>>NATHAN COX

Jaguar was formed in 1979 in the thick of the NWOBHM era in Bristol, a city that was not exactly a hotbed of musical activity. Pepperd and eventual bassist Cox met at a local club and eventually formed a band together. The band issued a demo in 1980 featuring six songs. This tape led to a deal with Heavy Metal Records for a sampler appearance and the 1981 single, Back Street Woman. The band issued another single, through Neat, called Axe Crazy after a dispute with Heavy Metal Records. This lead to the acclaimed Power Games in 1983 featuring the line-up of Merrell, Pepperd, Jeff Cox and Lovell. The same album was re-issued in 1998 with a different cover. The band modified its sound and logo for 1984’s This Time, which was generally derided as a wimp-out by fans. Years later the band would rationalize the change – and the title ‘dance metal’ - by pointing to then new singer Merrell’s tastes. The fans’ opinion was further encouraged following the introduction of piano man Gareth Johnson to the ranks in time for a tour with Girlschool, a band with which they shared managers. Drummer Gary Davies is falsely credited on This Time. This LP sent the band into NWOBHM doghouse until 15 years later and a reunion. The band featured former and future Tok-io Rose drummer Les Foster following the departure of Chris Lovell in 1985.

Jaguar appeared at the Wacken Open Air in 1999. The band recorded a new album for Neat, but Jeff Cox soon departed. 2003’s run Ragged was issued through Angel Air. The band continued touring throughout England.

Jaguar added bass player Simon Patel to the line-up in June of 2006. Simon made his live debut with the band at the Thrash Till Death Festival in Germany. Released in 2006, Holland ’82 was a live CD issued by Majestic Rock in a limited edition of 1,000. This Time was being re-issued by rerelease label, Metal Mind Productions, in 2009. In 2015, L-G Persson from the Swedish heavy metal band The Storyteller joined Jaguar replacing previous vocalist Jamie Manton who had left the act a year ago. Jaguar’s founder Garry Pepperd had moved to Sweden himself and was seeking a Swedish frontman.