Labyrinth - 1999 - Black Arrow
Quick Silver Light - 2000 - Black Arrow
Shifting Skywards - 2003 - TTS

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S= Gloom, Elixir, Rock Poems Project, Fading Starlight, Unrest, The Razorblades>>STEFAN SCHMIDT>>Unrest, The Razorblades, Fading Starlight, Van Canto, Heavatar
G= Gloom, Stay>>Heiko Höhn – Gloom, Elixir, Rock Poems Project, Unrest, The Razorblades>>STEFAN SCHMIDT>>Unrest, The Razorblades, Heavatar - Gerrit Wolf>>Beyond Surface, Jovian Spin
B= Holger Wies – Rawboned, Deadspawn, Beyond Surface, Purify>>Marten Müller>>Beyond Surface, Purify
D= Trashforce, The Razorblades, Unrest>>BASTIAN EMIG>>Unrest, The Razorblades, Van Canto, Orden Ogan
K= Elixir, Solicitude>>NIC KOBOLD>>Solicitude

The band was formed as Jester in 1996 near Mainz, Germany. Two known demos are 1996’s Walpurgisnight and 1997’s Days Of Medieval. The band had soon after also recruited a keyboardist called Nic Kobold. The line-up recorded for Black Arrow, but Höhn would soon depart. Wies would depart in 2001. Gerrit Wolf was replaced with Marten in 2003. Marten was replaced with Daniel. By the time 2006 had arrived the band was without a deal and finding no willing takers allowed for a free download of the album and set sail for history. The lyrics for Fragments Of An Exploded Heart, which was supposed to be the band’s fourth album, were again written in collaboration with author and screenwriter John Shirley. No label was forthcoming and the band split up in 2006 having uploaded the album freely on the Internet.

Van Canto and Heavatar were two follow-up groups.



Jester's Funeral