Genesis - 2007 - Metal Blade
Ruination - 2009 - Metal Blade
Demonocracy - 2012 - Metal Blade
Sun Eater - 2014 - Metal Blade

S= Navene Koperweis, Fleshwrought>>JOHNNY DAVY>>Navene Koperweis, Fleshwrought
G= Ravi Bhadriraju - Bobby Thompson - Twisted Sacrifice, Goratory, Despised Icon>>AL GLASSMAN>>Goratory, Despised Icon - Contagion, Cadaveryne>>TONY SANNICANDRO>>Cadaveryne
B= Abigail Williams>>Brent Riggs>>Abigail Williams - AinMatter, Cephalic Carnage, Reign Of Vengeance>>NICK SCHENDZIELOS>>AinMatter, Cephalic Carnage, Reign Of Vengeance
D= Elliott Sellers - Crown The Lost, Sinning Is Our Savior>>Jon “The Charm” Rice>>Behemoth, Skeletonwitch

Arizona deathcore band Job For A Cowboy was formed in 2002 with guitarists Ravi Bhadriraju and Andrew Arcurio and issued a demo in 2004 simply called Demo ’04. The tail-end of 2005 brought an demo called Doom through King of the Monsters, which brought the band a deal with Metal Blade. Elliott Sellers left the drum stool in the autumn of 2006. The new label re-issued the EP with a bonus track. Job For A Cowboy dropped off the Gwar and Lamb Of God tour for three weeks due to a family emergency in 2009. The Red Chord continued opening the tour. Job For A Cowboy announced four headlining concerts in Japan for 2012. Following their trek on the Metal Alliance tour, which was underway in the spring, the band would play two shows in Tokyo as well as Nagoya and Okinawa beginning May 18th. Job For A Cowboy was participating in the month-long Summer Slaughter trek of 2012. Bassist Nick Schendzielos was forced to sit out part of the run due to his girlfriend being involved in a collision on her scooter. The band was temporarily joined by The Red Chord guitarist Mike "Gunface" McKenzie. Drummer Jon "The Charn" Rice left Job For A Cowboy in the autumn of 2013. Job For A Cowboy finished recording its fourth full-length album, Sun Eater, for a November 11th, 2014 release through Metal Blade Records. The album was produced by Jason Suecof.


I say the same thing about Job For A Cowboy now that I said about them when I first heard of them, which is that their name is pretty fucking great for a deathcore band. "Job For A Cowboy". It's awesome. I wish I could say that about Ruination, their sophomore effort, which doesn't really accomplish much (anything), but I'll get to it in a minute.
This is "technical deathcore", kids, and I gotta admit, it's pretty damn technical. It's mega-heavy, that's for sure, and there's some pretty intense breakdowns in here (hence, "core"). Also, I know I should stop being impressed every time I hear the death metal drummer du jour play insanely difficult and demanding stuff through a whole album, but I can't help but be impressed with Jon "The Charn" Rice, the drummer on Ruination. This dude is sick. And the guitarist, whom I'm too lazy to Google, also does a damn fine job. I may not like this album, but I would never call it lazy, because it can't be easy to play with such perfect stop-start precision with such fast parts and stay together. Other then that, though, Ruination doesn't have much. It's gotta be a damn job just to remember which song they're on, because they all sound pretty similar. The songs, as I said, all blend together (and they don't really stand out from the masses of other technical death metal bands flooding the landscape). The two best songs are the longest, March To Global Enslavement and the title track, which makes you wonder why they didn't try writing some more actual songs, as opposed to collections of 'aaaaargh' and down tuned guitars. I find it hard to review these guys seriously, because I doubt people listen to this stuff seriously. If you like this kind of über heavy samey-ass death metal, then you'll love Job For A Cowboy, but honestly, I wouldn't say this album is worth even illegally downloading if you're not a teenager with hair dyed jet black and skinny jeans. Still, though, the level of technical precision and sheer heaviness gives me hope that Job For A Cowboy can one day make an album that stands out from the legions of albums like this. Maybe they should rip off Meshuggah; they've got a cool sound going. In any case, pass. - Max V.


Job For A Cowboy