Guitar Dominance - 1993 - Leviathan
Night Of The Living Shred - 1994 - Leviathan
Supersonic Shred Machine -1996 - Leviathan
Rapid Fire Rondo - 1998 - Leviathan
Second Coming - 1999 - Leviathan
2001: A Shred Odyssey - 2001 - Leviathan
Midwest Shredfest - 2001 - Leviathan
Dark Gifts - Rare And Unreleased Tracks - 2001 - Leviathan
Armed And Ready - 2003 - Leviathan
Speed Metal Messiah - 2004 - Lion
Virtuostic Vendetta - 2009 - Lion
Revenge Of The Shredlord - 2012 - Lion
The Dark Lord Rises – 2015 - Lion
Symphonic Onslaught – 2019 - Lion
Diabolical Ferocity – 2021 - Lion

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History & Biography
American guitarist Joe Stump is known for his speedy shredding guitar work and has been associated with guitarist David Chastain and the latter’s Leviathan Records. He also occupies his time with his 'band' Reign Of Terror. Stump’s work is generally more metallic than the likes of Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. In more recent years, Stump has also issued several instructional videos. His work has also been licensed to Lion Music for Europe. Leviathan issued a compilation called Shredology in 2005.

Joe Stump, featuring singer Ian Parry of Elegy fame, was in the midst of a European tour in the autumn of 2008 despite a lack of recorded output most recently. Joe Stump would release a new solo album, Revenge Of The Shredlord, on August 17th through Lion Music. The guitarist also initiated Joe Stump’s Tower Of Babel in 2015. Lion Music was issuing Joe Stump’s Symphonic Onslaught in 2019. He also joined Alcatrazz. Joe Stump released a 2021 digital single entitled Forever Moore through Lion Music. It was inspired by the sounds of Gary Moore. The track was also to be featured on Joe’s upcoming instrumental record entitled Diabolical Ferocity, which was slated for release that year in late August or early September.

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It takes a powerful centre of gravity to hold an album comprised of sixteen songs of shredding solos together, but Joe Stump has what it takes. Whatever Stump's past output or history - all of which is unfamiliar to this writer - Speed Metal Messiah takes the spirit of the first Yngwie Malmsteen album a step forward with its Classically-influenced fret-fest. While reviews of other 'guitar hero' types might induce certain fans to stop reading, this album is actually quite good given its power, variety, bewildering dexterity and devotion to its core competency. The other instruments take a backseat to the guitar and with no vocalist in sight it is up to the axeman to sink or swim. It is a testament to the man's sheer talent that song after song - occasional known medley included - manages to grab the listener by the ear and demand his full attention. Some might hail Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani (the other JS) or Steve Vai as the masters of this much-maligned genre. It is Joe Stump who currently shows the most flame, devotion and speed on the guitar though. - Ali "The Metallian"


Joe Stump