Julliet - 1990 – Enigma
Passion – 2002 – Metal Mayhem
Psycho Boyfriend - 2004 - Metal Mayhem

Julliet image
S= Heartless, Solo, The Naked School Girls, Lefty, Sponge>>KENNY MCGEE>>Heartless, Solo, The Naked School Girls, Lefty, Sponge
G= Sector 9>>JIMMY DELISI>>Sector 9
B= Ty Westerhoff
D= Dokken, Hellion>>Greg Pecka - WASP, MASI, Billy Thorpe, Hughes/Thrall>>Frankie Banali>>WASP - Joe Zaccari

Julliet was formed in Tampa, Florida, USA by DeLisi and Westerhoff in 1985 but relocated to Los Angeles in order to be part of the bigger metal scene in 1988. There was a keyboardist called Kevin Wilson and a drummer called Morgan Evans. The band’s Los Angeles drummer was Greg Pecka of Dokken fame. Kenny McGee soon met up with Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot who helped with what was supposed to be the band’s debut. This album was shelved and the band recorded another debut, which was issued just before Enigma went broke. The DuBrow sessions were re-issued by Metal Mayhem and were called Passion years later by Metal Mayhem. Still, the band had the opportunity to tour with Cheap trick and Y&T.

The band split up when grunge hit and McGee returned to Florida in order to put together a solo band. He was also a member of Heartless, a nightclub proprietor and a wrestler. Julliet had sold 300,000 copies of its debut and recorded a new album after a reformation for 2004. Ty died of stomach cancer in 2005.

Eonian Records signed the band in 2021 for the re-release of the debut and a new record. Dean Domizio of Heartless was on drums.


Formed originally back in 1985, Florida glamsters Julliet are back and active again following a hiatus spanning the 90's. Featuring vocalist Kenny McGee, whose solo effort is reviewed elsewhere, the recording band features Frankie Banali on drums and immortalized here by none other than Quiet Riot's Kevin Dubrow. McGee's voice is grittier here than on his solo effort. The songs are mid-paced and catchy. The band comes across as closest to Kiss, White Lion (Any Time You Want Me is an explicit example) and even House Of Lords on the songs which feature keyboards. The biography makes no effort to mention who is in charge of the keyboards. The sound is clear and the delivery very professional. This album was indeed written years ago, but had remained unreleased until this day. The band is working on a new album now as well. Glam is back and for hard rock fans there is little excuse for not picking this album up. - Ali "The Metallian"