War By Proxy - 1987 - Explosion
Gore - 1989 - Explosion
Never Forget Those Days - 1991 - Explosion
Pirated Edition (Vol. 1) - 1995 - Independent
After Killing Mam - 1997 - Bang your Soul
Wonderful Monument - 2000 - Howling Bull
Left Eye - 2004 - Howling Bull
Id – 2020 – Bang The Head


G= Kuro [Koichiro Kuroda]>>Warpigs – NOB [NOBUTAKA HASEGAWA]
B= Ray – Kiku [Akihito Kikuchi]>>Transgressor - Ikeda – United>>George Enda>>United - WATANABE
D= Casbah>>’Shoh’ HAYA


Tokyo’s Jurassic Jade is a female-fronted thrash metal band formed in 1985 after being Rebel Power for two years. Jurassic Jade, along with Casbah and Outrage, is one of the forerunners of thrash metal in Japan. The band’s singer is the only one who continuously wears a ghostly white make-up. The band issued a demo tape called Complete Death in 1985, which was circulated in the underground. This was followed by the Live At Explosion! EP and the Heavy Metal Force split shared with Saber Tiger and X-Japan.

The band has been covered by Sabbat (Japan) and issued a retrospective compilation called The Early Years 1985-1988 in 2000. 25 Years Of Aggression And Agony was a 2010 DVD. An EP, called Kiten, was issued in 2014. The live footage was culled from a variety of concerts.



Jurassic Jade