Swamplord - 2000 - Spinefarm
They Will Return - 2002 - Spinefarm
Swampsong - 2003 - Spinefarm
The Black Waltz - 2005 - Spinefarm
For The Revolution - 2008 - Spinefarm
12 Gauge - 2010 - Spinefarm
Seventh Swamphony - 2013 - Spinefarm
Palo – 2018 - Spinefarm

G= PEKKA KOKKO - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow>>ANTTI KOKKO
B= Eternal Tears Of Sorrow>>Atti Veteläinen>>Eternal Tears Of Sorrow – Mythos, Catamenia, Enthring>>TIMO LEHTINEN>>Enthring
D= Eternal Tears Of Sorrow>>Petri Sankala – Catamenia, Enthring, Wrathage>>JANNE KUSMIN>>Enthring, Wrathage
K= Burning Point, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow>>Pasi Hitula>>Burning Point, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Scenery Channel4 - Charon, Afterworld, Poisonblack, Solo>>Marco Sneck – Tacere, Vintergata>>VELI-MATTI KANANEN>>Tacere, Vintergata

The bands origin dates back to 1992 when Pekka Kokko, guitarist Anssi Seppänen and drummer Petri Sankala founded a band called Ancestor. In the following two years, the band issued the demos Ethereal Devotion and No Strings Attached and welcomed Pekka’s brother into the fold. Several more demos with names like Tomorrow and Under The Burbot`s Nest was recorded before the band changed its monicker. The band had also lost two of its founding members.

Kalmah recorded its debut for Finland’s Spinefarm. This disc was also licensed to Century Media for America. Sneck joined the band in 2004. The band’s biggest success came with The Black Waltz, which entered the Finnish charts in early 2006. In January of that year the band announced its intention to embark on a Canadian For The Revolution tour in April of 2008. The gang’s fifth full-length album, For The Revolution, was out in April. It was recorded at Tico Tico Studio. Kalmah released a new album, called 12 Gauge, on March 3rd, 2010 through Spinefarm Records. The album was recorded between June and August 2009 at Tico Tico studio in Finland and was mastered at the Cutting Room in Sweden. In a bout of originality, the band has also recorded a cover version of Thin Lizzy’s Cold Sweat. Kalmah recruited keyboardist Veli-Matti Kananen (One Morning Left) in 2012 replacing Marco Sneck. Kalmah was unleashing its seventh studio offering in June of 2013. Titled Seventh Swamphony, the follow-up to 2010’s Gauge release, was recorded at Tico-Tico Studios in Kemi, Finland, and featured eight tracks, mixed and mastered at Sweden’s Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, etc.). Kalmah release an album, called Palo, through Spinefarm in April 2018.


Unfortunate choice of album names for this Finnish newcomer band, for Kalmah has very little associated with dirt, sludge or swamp. Utilizing a clean sound for the most part, these very skilled musicians (including several Eternal Tears of Sorrow members) are part speed metal part No Fashion-like deathrash. One can't be certain what the label thinks this band's potential is, but the arrival of the CD without a tray, sleeve or cover probably doesn't bode well. So much more surprising to hear that, despite the disappointing appearance of Finland's national affliction the keyboard on the rare occasion, Kalmah is a good, tuneful speed metal band whose vocal and guitar delivery are well above average and occasionally outright inspiring. Tuned rather high and sounding up beat at times, the band delivers a proficient guitar-laden speed metal attack the dream of bands working on album number three or four - imagine Walls of Jericho era Helloween with harsher vocals and up-dated sound. Were the band to drop the weak synthesizers, concentrate on making pure metal and see to it that the label accords the band a little more respect ( ie not calling the band 'trash metal' - sigh!), it would be easy to see a bright future for Kalmah. - Ali "The Metallian"

I challenge anyone to listen to this disc and then tell me this does not sound exactly like the official theme for Mickey Mouse. This sad affair begins with the sound of a poor soul wading through the swamp and nothing could be more appropriate. Sped up Mickey music, happy lullaby melodies, all trebleness and screeching to high heaven, Kalmah is nothing more than a synthesizer-happy kiddie act from Finland. Only a Finnish band could rip off Dark Tranquillity and make it sound even poppier than the original.