Khali - 1999 - LMP

Khali image
S= Mesmerize, Time Machine>>FOLCO ORLANDINI>>Time Machine, Mesmerize
G= Moon Of Steel, Time Machine>>JOE TACCONE>>Time Machine
B= Time Machine>>LORENZO DEHÒ>>Time Machine, Wuthering Heights
D= Time Machine>>NICK ROSETTI>>Time Machine
K= Eddy Antonini>>Skylark, Solo - LORENZO DEHÒ

Khali (the goddess of revenge in the Indian sub-continent) was formed as a side-project of Time Machine members and saddled the line between hard rock and progressive metal. The album would be picked up and re-issued by LMP in late 2004. It was originally issued through Academy Records. The band went on hold.


KHALI - same - LMP
Well, well, well, another couple of albums like this and Italy will be well on its way to be considered one of the metal nations. Khali is the brainchild of Lorenzo Deho the bassist for Time Machine and, very much like the mother band, delivers glorious hard rock and heavy metal with talent to spare. The band's album is full of outstanding songs with a superb vocalist, talented and adventurous guitarist and a solid rhythm section. The singing of Folco Orlandini is both soulful and emphatic, while the solos of Joe Taccone present him as an original expert of the fretboard. The sound is good too, although the drum seems to deteriorate in production as the album progresses.
Fans of Dokken, Time Machine and Tad Morose really need to give this album a chance. With no push behind it and drowning in a sea of releases, Khali needs word of mouth and more critical acclaim to make it anywhere - if not to the top. The band deserves success given songs like Somebody Haunts Me and Cyberpleasure. Hard 'n heavy fans need to check Khali out. - Ali "The Metallian"