Ready For Hell - 1981 - Warner
Walls Of Sound - 1983 - Lark/Warner
Shock Waves - 1984 - Mausoleum
Fatal Attraction - 1990 - Mausoleum
Broken Silence - 2003 - Mausoleum
Immortal - 2005 - Mausoleum
Monsters Of Rock - 2015 - Mausoleum

Killer image
S= Mothers Of Track, Solo, Blackjack, Gypsy, Blues-Express>>PAUL SHORTY VAN CAMP>>Solo, Blackjack, Gypsy, Blues-Express
G= Mothers Of Track, Solo, Blackjack, Gypsy, Blues-Express>>PAUL SHORTY VAN CAMP>>Solo, Blackjack, Gypsy, Blues-Express
B= Trash, Blues-Express>>Spooky>>Blues-Express - Blackjack>>Spin>>Blackjack - Soulsteeler>>JAKKE [KEN VAN STEENBERGEN]>>Soulsteeler
D= Mothers Of Track>>Fat Leo - Van Camp>>Double Bear [Robert Cogen]>>Van Camp - Detroit, Between Worlds, Blackjack, Xironix>>VANNE [IVAN OPDEBEECK]>>Between Worlds, Blackjack, Xironix
K= Blackjack>>Dave Powell>>Blackjack

The quintessential heavy metal band Killer was formed in 1980 by Paul Shorty Van Camp and Fat Leo in Belgium following the break-up of their band Mothers Of Track. The band worked with the founders of Mausoleum Records, Alfie Falkenbach, Leo Felsenstein and Stonne Holmgren, and was soon signed to Warner Begum. Killer had a biker image, played biker clubs and often sang to the detriment of authority and the police. The band was quickly compared to Motörhead, albeit with that particular Teutonic vocals and accent also associated with the likes of Crossfire, Grave Digger, Ostrogoth or even Udo.

Shock Waves - sporting a new logo - was issued through Mausoleum in 1984. Earlier the band had appeared on a split EP with Ostrogoth and Crossfire. It was recorded by Jos Kloek and became a commercial success. The album outsold both of the band’s previous album and received several good reviews notably in Metal Hammer.

In that year 1985 Killer also an Antwerp show for a double live album called Still Alive In Eighty-Five with Dieter Dierks; however, Mausoleum/Eldorado Entertainment could not cough up enough money to see the half-mixed album to fruition. An appearance at the second Shockwave festival could not rescue the label. The band did tour through 1987, but with no label in sight threw in the towel.

Shorty released a solo album called Too Wild To Tame in 1987 through CNR Records. Two years later Spooky and Shorty decided to reform Killer with a new line-up. A fourth record was recorded and released by a reanimated Mausoleum. Fatal Attraction was the first album of the new Mausoleum. A tour of Europe followed.

Shorty and Spooky spent time in Blues-Express for the next several years, but success was not in sight. Due to popular demand, Killer did three reunion shows with drummer Vanne of Between Worlds and formerly of the band Detroit. Shorty and the other newer members also maintain a rock cover band called Blackjack, while Shorty also does a Jimi Hendrix tribute band called Gypsy.

The band reformed in 2003 with only Shorty remaining from the original line-up. Albums and shows followed, albeit with a keyboardist called Dave in tow! Killer recruited a new bassist, Ken Van Steenbergen, who joined in early 2006.

Belgian heavy metal Killer would release a 2015 album, called Monsters Of Rock, on May 21st through Mausoleum Records. The band had self-produced the record.