Bite Your Head Off - 2012 – Impedance
Dead Set – 2015 – Housecore
Ugly Produce – 2017 - Housecore

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Uncut White Noise, Don Fernando>>YOUNGY [MATTHEW YOUNG]>>Don Fernando

Dreadnaught, Cemetery Urn>>SQUIZ [ANDREW LIVINGSTONE-SQUIRES] - Watchdog Discipline>>MR. WHITE [ARI WHITE]


Abramelin, Blood Duster>>Rizzo>>Order Of Chaos – The Go Go Haunters, Man Must Die, Plague Of Man, Forests Under Construction, Amplitusion>>TODD ‘TODDY’ HANSEN>>Forests Under Construction, Amplitusion

History & Biography
This Melbourne-based band was formed in 2010. A 2011 EP was simply called The Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash. The Australian thrash grind band King Parrot added Canadian and US dates to its 2014 string of shows. In late 2014, Orange Goblin would return to the stage touring alongside Down, Bl'ast and King Parrot! Todd Hansen was on drums. Australian thrash band King Parrot would return to the stage in March of 2015 on another North American tour. King Parrot would play two-dozen cities supporting Weedeater. Exodus would headline the Battle Of The Bays European tour in October and November of 2016 with Obituary, Prong and Australia’s King Parrot opening. Australia-based thrashers King Parrot had an EP called Holed Up In The Lair in 2020. The band’s new single, Nor Is Yours, featured Philip Anselmo.

King Parrot was having its 2011 EP The Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash re-issued on vinyl in 2022. Housecore Records in North America and Dead Set Records in Australia were the labels.

There is actually a genus called King Parrot largely in Australia and Southeast Asia.



King Parrot