The Shooze>>The Generator>>KIX - USA

Atomic Bomb - 1981 - Atlantic
Cool Kids - 1983 - Atlantic
Midnite Dynamite - 1985 - Atlantic
Blow My Fuse - 1988 - Atlantic
Hot Wire - 1991 - Atlantic
Live - 1993 - Atlantic
Show Business - 1995 - CMC
Live In Baltimore - 2012 - Frontiers
Rock Your Face Off - 2014 - Loud & Proud
Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix – 2016 - Loud & Proud

S= The Shooze, The Generator>>STEVE WHITEMAN>>Funny Money
G= Ronnie Younkins>>Jeremy And The Suicides, The Blues Vultures - Brad Divens>>Wrathchild - Brian Forsythe>>The Snakehandlers, Rhino Bucket - Ronnie Younkins>>Jeremy And The Suicides, The Blues Vultures - Jimi Bones>>Jeremy And The Suicides, Skin 'N Bones - Jeremy And The Suicides, The Blues Vultures>>RONNIE YOUNKINS - The Snakehandlers, Rhino Bucket>>Brian Forsythe>>The Snakehandlers, Rhino Bucket - The Snakehandlers, Rhino Bucket>>BRIAN FORSYTHE
B= Donnie Purnell - Sun Dogs>>MARK SCHENKER>>Sun Dogs
D= Funny Money>>JIMMY CHALFANT>>Funny Money

Kix was a glam metal band from Maryland, which was formed in 1978 as The Shooze. The band switched over to The Generator before settling for Kix. The band transitioned from a new wave band to punk and to a hard rock cover act during this period. The group – now coming across a mix of Kiss and Motörhead - signed to Atlantic Records and issued a debut 1981. Younkins would be replaced by Divens for one album in 1983, but would soon return. The band soon started to expand westwards and play the Los Angeles glam scene. It was later claimed that bands like Warrant, Poison and Guns N Roses had borrowed many of the band’s stylings. The band was always on the verge of stardom, but would never quite make it all the way. Inadequate touring and a lack of publicity were often cited as reasons for the band’s second-tier status. Blow My Fuse was the band’s biggest LP and was recorded by Tom Werman who had previously produced Mötley Crüe. At one point the band would hire its own dedicated publicist, yet a contractual dispute with the record company in the late ‘80s would brings things to a crawl. Forsythe would quit following Hot Wire and would be replaced by Mr. Bones. Forsythe would return for in 1994 for a while. The group would give Atlantic the 1993 Live album and would be freed from its obligation to the company. The group would issue one more album on CMC International before disbanding. A couple of members would form the part-time hard rock band, Funny Money and issue albums through their co-owned Kivel Records. Despite missing bassist Purnell the band has played several one-off shows over the years. A series of shows were performed in 2006.

Frontiers Records signed Kix in the middle of 2012. The band's first live DVD and CD entitled, Live In Baltimore, was out on September 21st. Kix Was working on a new 2013 album with producer Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith). The album was to be released late autumn through Frontiers Records. The band announced it would release its first new album in years on July 22nd of 2014 with Loud & Proud Records. The band was singer Steve Whiteman, guitarist Ronnie Younkins, bassist Mark Schenker and drummer Jimmy Chalfant.

Kix would release an album called Rock Your Face Off on August 5th, 2014 through Loud & Proud Records. It reunited the band for the first new music released in two decades. In a 2015 interview Brian Forsythe noted that the Ronnie Younkins was in rehab the year before to receive treatment for alcohol addiction. Kix would release Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix, a two-disc DVD/CD release, on October 21st through Loud & Proud Records. Guitarist Ronnie Younkins missed the band's concert in Pennsylvania on March 25th 2017 after going AWOL. The band played the show without him. Ronnie was later located and was said to not be in a good state. Kix issued a new version of Midnite Dynamite called Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit on the album’s 35th anniversary in 2020. It featured unreleased material such as demo recordings. Kix announced that guitarist Ronnie Younkins is unable to perform in 2021 and would be replaced by a Bob Paré until the long-time member improves. Bob was in a Rush tribute band called Sun Dogs with Kix bassist Mark Schenker. Steve Whiteman had a solo album called You’re Welcome in 2021, which was his catchphrase. Guitarist Ronnie Younkins, in the meantime, was under house arrest due to his interactions with the law recently.