Der Ort - 2005 - Heavy Horses
Merkur - 2009 - Zeitgeister

S= Wadgelmir, Kruschke>>TIM STEFFENS>>Kruschke
G= Wadgelmir>>TIM STEFFENS - Island, Kosmos Wald>>FLORIAN TOYKA>>Island, Kosmos Wald
B= TIM STEFFENS - Island, Woburn House, Kosmos Wald>>FLORIAN TOYKA>>Island, Woburn House, Kosmos Wald

Named after the mythical German siren Klabautermann, the band issued an early demo in 1998 called Opus Obscoenum Infernalis. The second demo, Gott Schenkt Gift, came in 2000 and meant 'God sent poison' in English. Our Journey Through The Woods appeared in 2003 and was reissued as a full-length album by Vendlus Records in 2008. The band’s official debut was 2005’s Der Ort or 'The Place.' It was self-recorded during most of 2004 at Flammenmeer Studio. Heavy Horses issued a self-titled single for the band in 2007. The band often utilizes session drummers although Mr. Toyka drums in Valborg.


Whoever decided to describe these little-known Germans as “Folk-black metal” was thankfully wrong. With images of crappy Euro trash with hoarse vocals and Irish tin whistle in mind the round music disc was rotated by the salves at Metallian Towers and, for once, no peasants were thrown to the lions because of terrible music. Instead, the band turned out to be fairly aggressive, somehow melodic, quite ambient, yet fully technical and complex metal with no trace of the claptrap art so adored by sell-out writers and the industry and ever abhorred by metal fans.
Admittedly, it is not pure and the enemy mentality infiltrates the album - fans of Borknagar and Opeth might even enjoy this and its acoustic passage - but metal fans need not cede the band given all the very real qualities described above. There is some serious brutality on here as well.
This album is in fact a re-release of the 2003 demo of the band. The band has two albums to its name since the original release of this disc. - Ali “The Metallian”