Nekrotisk Inkvisition - 2003 - Desolate Landscapes
Moribund - 2006 - Twilight Vertrieb

S= Carnifex, Urgehal, Enthral>>MANNEVOND>>Urgehal, Enthral
G= Carnifex, Nettlecarrier>>MANNEVOND>>Nettlecarrier - KVASS - Geir Antonsen
B= WarteX, Antaios>>STIAN JOHNSKARENG>>WarteX, Antaios
D= Zeenon, Slavia, Frostwork>>Fordervelse [Tom V. Nilsen]>>Slavia, Frostwork, Semargl

No surprise, Koldbrann from Oslo is a Norwegian black metal band and even less of a surprise that true to its geographic base the band has as many ex-members as Celine Dion has siblings.

The 2002 demo Mislyder Fra Det Nekrotiske Kammer was followed by another called Nekrotisk Inkvisition, which was soon reissued by Desolate Landscapes of Scotland. A split with Ljå followed which was limited to 666 copies before the Atomvinter single of 2006, which appeared through Apocalyptic Empire Records. This 7” was also limited to 666 copies. A split with Faustcoven followed the band’s Moribund debut in 2006 before the band issued the Live At Ragnarök Festival 2007 DVD. The band suffered the same fate as Endstille: given its contract with Twilight Vertrieb promotion and distribution was limited to central Europe. The label nevertheless issued Nekrotisk Inkvisition with new artwork. An EP called Stigma: Pa Kant Med Livet appeared in the summer of 2008. The band asked drummer Fordervelse to leave the band in May of 2009. Guitarist G. Antonsen followed the drummer citing a lack of a desire to tour as the reason for his departure. The kold ones recruited drummer Folkedal (Sarkom) and guitarist Voidar (Hjarnidaudi) for live work that summer. Agonia Records issued a Koldbrann seven-inch single called Russian Vodka/Metalni Bog. The single covered Korrozia Metalla of Russia and Bombarder of Bosnia. The band signed to Season Of Mist in 2012. The band's third full-length album was to hit the stores in early 2013. In the meantime, on November 16th, The band would release Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott, a 7" single including a song from the forthcoming album. Koldbrann’s first two albums Nekrotisk Inkvisition and Moribund, as well as 2008's Stigma: På kant med livet EP, would be reissued on Season Of Mist.

Koldbrann is Norwegian for the disease gangrene. Koldbrann was initially a Mannevond solo project.