Shamaani Duo>>Shaman>>KORPIKLAANI - FINLAND

Spirit Of The Forest - 2003 - Napalm
Voice Of The Wilderness - 2005 - Napalm
Tales Along This Road - 2006 - Napalm
Tervaskanto - 2007 - Napalm
Korven Kuningas - 2008 - Nuclear Blast
Karkelo - 2009 - Nuclear Blast
Ukon Wacka - 2011 - Nuclear Blast
Manala - 2012 - Nuclear Blast
Notia - 2015 - Nuclear Blast
Kulkija - 2018 – Nuclear Blast
Jylhä – 2021 – Nuclear Blast
Rankarumpu - 2024 - Nuclear Blast

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Toni Honkanen - Finntroll, Solo>>JONNE JÄRVELÄ>>Solo – Supreme Court>>KALLE "CANE" SAVIJÄRVI

Masterstroke, Crystalic>>Arto Tissari>>Crystalic, Corpset, Existence Depraved – Coronary>>JARKKO AALTONEN>>Coronary

Depravity, Crystalic, Falchion, Psychopathic Terror>>Matti "Matson" Johansson>>Falchion, Psychopathic Terror, Depravity, Prestige - Arcadian Nocturne, Ansur, Profane Omen, Jonne, Endless Chain, Battle Beast>>SAMULI MIKKONEN>>Arcadian Nocturne, Ansur, Profane Omen, Endless Chain, Battle Beast

Astral, The Mist And The Morning Dew>>Jaakko "Hittavainen" Lemmetty>>The Mist And The Morning Dew - Shamanviolin>>Tuomas Rounakari>>Shamanviolin - Demonic Creation, Falchion>>Juho Kauppinen>>Demonic Creation, Falchion - SAMI PERTTULA

History & Biography
Formed as Shaman in 1993, the band changed its name to Korpiklaani (the clan of the forest in Finnish) in 2003 and immediately issued a debut called Spirit Of The Forest. The band has a strong folk element with violins and accordions and often sings about nature, drinking and legendary fables.

Tervaskanto of 2007 featured guest vocalist Petri Ilvespakka who was a Nazi and was arrested in December, 1999 for attempting to kill a man with an axe. He was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison and was released in March 2002. His former band-mate Johansson was in that Korpiklaani. The band signed with Nuclear Blast Records beginning with album number five in conjunction with a much higher profile in Europe. The band announced Karkelo ('Party' in English) as the title for its next album in early 2009, which was due in that summer through Nuclear Blast Records. The band released a new album, called Karkelo ('Party' in English), on June 26th of 2009 through Nuclear Blast. The album was recorded at Petrax studio in Hollola, Finland. The group was headlining a European tour called Paganfest 2009 in Europe that September. Finnish folk band Korpiklaani announced a return to the United States for January of 2010 after headlining the last instalment of Paganfest North America. The tour support came from fellow folk rockers Tyr, pirate thrashers Swashbuckle and heavy metal band White Wizzard.

In 2010, Bill Zebub (Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds Magazine, Metal Retardation, Breaking Her Will et cetra) was issuing Pagan Metal: A Documentary featuring interviews and live shows by some of the genre's bands including Korpiklaani, Primordial, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Leaves' Eyes, Turisas and Tyr. Finnish folk band Korpiklaani would release a new album, Ukon Wacka, on February 4th through Nuclear Blast Records. In the middle of 2011, Korpiklaani lost violinist Jaakko "Hittavainen" Lemmetty due to health reasons and replaced him with "a young prodigy" called Teemu Eerola. The new man lasted one year and was repalced by Rounakari. Korpiklaani embarked on the "Ukon Wacka" North American tour in November with opening act being Russia's Arkona. Polkadot Cadaver and Forged In Flames would also open. The band would release its next studio album, Manala, on August 3rd through Nuclear Blast Records.

To begin 2015, Korpiklaani signed a new deal with folk/pop/metal label Nuclear Blast for the release of its new album, Notia, which was due in May. The band now included new accordion player Sami Perttula. It was recorded at Petrax Studio with Aksu Hanttu.

Finland-based folk rock act Korpiklaani was releasing a new album, entitled Rankarumpu, through Nuclear Blast on April 5th 2024. The band reported this one to be more uptempo. The rockers were to tour the UK with Alestorm and Heidevolk in February and March, travel to Mexico on April 5 and April 6th and conduct a North American tour with Visions Of Atlantis and Illumishade in April and May. The group was next booked at Mennecy Metal Fest in France.


This, quite simply, is a great record. Though I can't say I'm really a fan of the Celtic-metal sound (in fact, I mostly loathe it) Korpiklaani has written what is a solid, through-and-through straight-up metal album, an exercise that uses Celtic influences as colour and shade rather than as a base. Don't get me wrong - the woods of Finntroll do rock primary here on Korpiklanni's second record, but you'll be able to get excited and enjoy the attack even if St. Patrick's day ain't your bag (pipe). Korpiklaani's appeal lies mostly in really high-end and high-quality song-writing; you can tell the band put a lot of effort into crafting listenable, anthemic and memorable songs. Definitely recommended and, from the buzz it's currently receiving, Voice Of The Wilderness will be in many a critic's Top 20 list at the end of the year. - David Perri

Is this what passes as a metal release nowadays? Korpiklaani is a Finnish band idling away their and our time with a mixture of Finnish folk music, ska and Celtic melodies with a guitar background and drunken singing as accompaniment. It might sound funny during a beer festival with sausage and red meat for all, but as a disc this is beyond the pale. The band sings in both Finnish and English (self-referencing track: Happy Little Boozer) and uses instruments like violin, flute and the accordion. There also is a hard guitar riff on the “bonus song” entitled Free Like An Eagle. - Anna Tergel

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There is, however, one good moment on Korven Kuningas and it occurs right at the end of the album when it ends. - Ali “The Metallian”