...And The Wings Embraced Us - 1995 - Perverted Taste
La Naissance D’Un Reve - 1997 - Witchunt
Memorandum - 1999 - Napalm
Burning: A Wish - 2001 - Napalm
Fall, I Will Follow - 2002 - Napalm
Ave End - 2004 - Napalm
Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts - 2006 - Napalm
Songs For The Last View - 2008 - Napalm
The Grandiose Nowhere - 2010 - Napalm
Antiadore – 2013 – Napalm
Hope Is Here – 2016 – Oblivion
Bleeding The Stars – 2019 - Oblivion

Lacrimas Profundere image
S= Christopher Schmid – Lost, The Alligator Wine>>Rob Vitacca>>The Alligator Wine – Lessdmv>>JULIAN LARRE>>lessdmv
G= Dark Eternity, Reborn Z>>OLIVER SCHMID>>Reborn Z - Cydonian, A_liFe [DivideD]>>TONY BERGER
B= Markus Lapper - Darkseed>>Rico Galvagno - Culture Gut, Glas>>Daniel Lechner - Beloved Enemy>>Peter Kafka – Clemens Schepperle - Moon’Doc, Lanzer, Freedom Call, Powerworld>>ILKER ERSIN>>Powerworld
D= Stefan Eireiner - Darkseed>>Willy Wurm - Cydonian, A_liFe [DivideD]>>Korl Fuhrmann – Christop Schepperle - Emergency Gate>>DOMINIK SCHOLZ
K= Sad Moon’s Grief, Abyss>>CHRISTIAN STEINER
F= Era Stöger
V= Anja Hötzendorfer

Lacrimas Profundere was formed in 1993 as a gothic rock band and issued the …And The Wings Embraced Us album in 1995. The band signed with the Swiss Witchunt label and issued an album there before becoming the house band over at Napalm Records. Stöger was present on the band’s second album, but would depart before the Napalm Records signing. Anja Hotzendorfer left the band in 2001.

Singer Christopher was so ill that he was temporarily replaced on the road and for the shooting of a video in 2006. The band supported Lacuna Coil on the road in 2006. Schmid left the band in early 2007 due to personal reasons and a general dissatisfaction with the music business. Lacrimas Profundere picked The Grandiose Nowhere as the title for its next album, which was due in April of 2010 through Napalm Records. Lacrimas Profundere asked bassist Peter Kafka to leave the band in March. According to the group, "Peter is too busy with his side projects to focus completely on Lacrimas Profundere, so we decided to part ways." Lacrimas Profundere announced as its next album, The Grandios Nowhere, was to be issued on April 30th through Napalm Records. Julian Larre was the new vocalist as of 2018. Ersin became the bassist in 2019.


Here is some trivia: What we have here is a German band on a Swiss label, with a Latin band name; releasing its second album with a French title. If only they would tour in Madagascar, the circle of a multicultural globalism would be complete! I admit, I am having my fun at the expense of the band, but I simply couldn't resist. On to more serious matters, the German seven-piece plays a very mournful gothic doom style which bears resemblance to the likes of early My Dying Bride and Paramaecium. The latter being a compliment, as within the 'atmospheric' school of things I consider those Australians to be the best of the bunch. Lacrimas Profundere stretches its songs to the limit, never shying away from excruciating slowness, which is adorned with a forlorn impression created by the combination of keyboards and violin. The female vocals are very well done as well, and even if I personally wouldn't necessarily put them on my play list, the band is head and shoulders above its colleagues. This disc is the bearer of true emotions. - Ali "The Metallian"

Let us not spend too much time analyzing the new Lacrimas Profundere album as it is not directly relevant to metal. Based in goth rock, the band veers into rock and hard rock, but rarely gathers enough momentum to matter to us. Shades of Sentenced and Anathema can surely be heard, but this band is essentially not orbiting anything metallic. The singer is melancholic at times. At others times he is just plain bad. Interestingly, the same can be said of the music. - Ali "The Metallian"

Depeche Mode, HIM, Sentenced, and Type-O-Negative fans already love Lacrimas Profundere and there is more where that came from. Twelve songs, and a video, sounding like gothic rock or something they like to call rock’n’sad make up an album that hardly ever approaches the realms of metal. One is tempted to say that the 47 minutes heard here is only good for and targeted at the angst-ridden teenagers out there and one might as well leave it at that. - Anna Tergel


Lacrimas Profundere