II – 2015 - Cobra Cabana
Vicious Breed – 2017 – Cruz Del Sur
The Vulture's Amulet – 2020 –Reaper Metal

G= Carousel>>TWIZ [CHRISTOPHER TRITSCHLER]>>Carousel - Tommy Kinnett – Argus, Relique, Oh Shit They're Going To Kill Us>>ANDY RAMMAGE>>Argus, Oh Shit They're Going To Kill Us
B= Möwer>>Greg Colaizzi>>Möwer – Lycosa, Monolith Wielder, Molasses Barge>>AMY BIANCO>>Lycosa, Monolith Wielder, Molasses Barge
D= Oh Shit They're Going To Kill Us>>ADAM RAMAGE>>Oh Shit They're Going To Kill Us

The band was formed by Colaizzi and Levine in 2009. They carried over a song they had from their previous act to the new ensemble. Cobra Cabana Records issued an EP in 2012. In the summer of 2015, Infernö Records issued Lady Beast’s Lady Beast II album. The band was compared to Tank and Rock Goddess. Inferno Records issued the band’s Metal Immortal MCD in late 2016. Andy was the second guitarist now. His brief predecessor was Midnight Chaser’s Steve Lauck who had been with the band very early on. Amy became the bassist in 2020. Reaper Metal issued the band’s Omens EP in 2021. It featured a Rainbow cover version.

Cobra cabana is the band’s imprint. Adam and Deborah were a couple. Andy is Adam’s older brother. Andy plays bass in Argus. The band has opened for Doro, Diamond Head and others.



Lady Beast