Zero Poems - 1999 - Famous Kitchen
The Art Effect - 2003 - Massacre
Another Golden Rage - 2005 - Massacre
X To The Power Of Ten - 2007 - Locomotive
This Harmonic Consonance - 2012 - Pure Steel

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S= Mithril>>Stefan Zoerner>>Zhorn - Painful Faith>>Tobias Althammer - Ivorie, Anguish>>NUNO MIGUEL DE BARROS FERNANDES>>Anguish
G= A Cosmic Trail>>MARKUS ULLRICH>>A Cosmic Trail
B= Alexander Palma>>Luna Field, My Darkest Hate, A Cosmic Trail - Sacred Steel>>KAI SCHINDELAR>>Sacred Steel
K= Charisma, Ivanhoe, Ivorie, A Cosmic Trail>>RICHARD “RICHIE” SEIBEL>>Ivanhoe, A Cosmic Trail

The melodic Lanfear was formed in 1993. A self-titled demo was issued in 1994. This was followed by the Towers demo in 1996. This recording was reissued as The Towers Of February by the band a year later. Bassist Alexander Palma left in 1998 and worked in Luna Field.

The group signed with Intromental Management. Another Golden Age had the band touring with Morgana Lefay. Nightmare Records licensed the band’s 2003 and 2005 albums for America. Althammer was asked to leave in 2006 and was replaced by Anguish man Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes. A new album was in the works for 2007. The band instead entered Dreamscape Studio in early 2008 and issued its album in August through Locomotive Records. Lanfear members Markus "Ulle" Ullrich (guitar), Alex Palma (ex-bass) and Richard "Richie" Seibel (keyboards) formed an instrumental project called A Cosmic Trail in 2010. The band's demo, The Outer Planes, was available at

Lanfear picked This Harmonic Consonance as the title for its sixth album, which was due in 2011 through a new label. In late 2011, the band signed a deal with Pure Steel Records. The band's next album, This Harmonic Consonance, was to be released on February 24th, 2012.


What are the chances that this album was initially called 'Another Golden Age' before the band changed it for whatever reason? Pretty good probably, although musically there is a lot to doubt with Lanfear. The band surely could have been a much better proposition for fans of heavy metal, but decides to bring in a keyboardist - some of it is downright techno dance - and off it goes instead to a soft and poppy place to the detriment of its capable singer and generally solid riffs. For instance, the main riff of Transmigration could have been a genuine metal headbanger. Moreover, the album has several impressive lead guitar parts. Instead, as with most weak musicians, the band fills the gaps with a keyboard whereas stronger bands (say Nevermore) would bring in another guitar rhythm and coordinate those strings. It must be so easy for modern bands to notice gaps or holes in their music and quickly add lame keyboards or synthesized sounds all over the place. After all, the media and the fans’ standard are low and who is going to keep a band’s feet to the fire? There is even a saxophone played on this album! Kenny G would be so proud.
Lanfear’s is the story of lost opportunities. - Anna Tergel