S.O.L. - 1997 - Brainticket
Ringmaster - 1998 - Brainticket

S= Blood Of The Sun>>MARK ZAMMARON>>Blood Of The Sun
G= Mercynary>>GEORGE TREVINO - Mark Lopez
B= Passage Temple, Wicked Angel>>Mark Zammaron - Art Cansino
D= Michael Hosmen - Ben Regio Montano

San Antonio, Texas’ Las Cruces (Spanish for the crosses) was a doom metal band formed in 1994 and quickly linked to the other Texas doom band, Solitude Aeternus. John Perez of Solitude Aeternus would sign the band to his label and also produce the albums. Las Cruces also opened for its Texan brethren. The group would change members with only Zammaron (as vocalist only) and Trevino left standing. An independent EP was also issued in 2001. This EP featured guitarists Dana Hawkins and Mando Tovar. An album was promised for 2005 from the resurrected band. The band was working on a new album called Dusk as of 2008. The album was due that summer. Brainticket Records was issuing the band’s Ringmaster record in March.

S.O.L stands for Solitude Of Lunacy.



Las Cruces