My Dead Ocean - 2014 - Satanath
The Last Pier - 2015 - Deleting Soul
Live 2017 - 2017 - Nihil Art
Crushed By Waves - 2019 - Satanath


S= Post Traumatic Syndrome, The Happiness Cage, Emptiness Soul, Frost Flame, K.M.>>KATHAROS [KIRIL ANDREEVICH]>>Frost Flame, K.M.
G= Sona Nil>>AMDUSIAS [IVAN USKIREV]>>Sona Nil - Sona Nil>>SHOGGOTH [EDUARD KOSHLETS]>>Sona Nil - Post Traumatic Soul, Emptiness Soul, The Happiness Cage, Hyperborean Forest, Frost Flame, Epitaph of Life, K.M., Sona Nil>>KATHAROS [KIRIL ANDREEVICH]>>Hyperborean Forest, Frost Flame, Epitaph Of Life, K.M., Sona Nil
B= Emptiness Soul, Hyperborean Forest, The Happiness Cage, K.M.>> KATHAROS [KIRIL ANDREEVICH]>>Hyperborean Forest, K.M.
D= Emptiness Soul, Kabalah, Sona Nil, Hyperborean Forest, Epitaph Of Life>>FUNERAL [ANDREY ANDREEV]>>Kabalah, Sona Nil, Hyperborean Forest, Epitaph Of Life


This atmospheric band was founded in Komi in the north of Russia in 2013 and issued a 2014 EP called Horizons, Satanath Records of Russia picked up the band and My Dead Ocean was released. Winds Of Hope was a 2015 EP. Deleting Soul issued The Last Pier in the same year, The band uploaded a few songs and called it the Hidden Ancient World EP in 2019.

Katharos operated the band as one of his dozen projects until 2017. He was then joined by a bunch of other guys. Sometime around 2015 every band started calling itself "post-'musical style.' and these guys were onboard the trend.