Dogface - 2004 - Black Lotus

S= Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Rick Renstrom, Sector 9, Tiwanaku>>WADE BLACK>>Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Rick Renstrom, Sector 9, Tiwanaku, Leatherwolf, Black Reign
G= Wicked Ways, Rick Renstrom, Tiwanaku>>Rick Renstrom>>Rick Renstrom, Tiwanaku - Nocturnus, Tiwanaku>>EMO MOWERY>>Tiwanaku
B= Rick Renstrom>>STEPHEN ELDER>>Rick Renstrom
D= Acheron, Burning Inside, Death, Control Denied, Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, Incantation>>Richard Christy

Leash Law was formed in 2003 by active members of the Florida metal scene, guitarist Renstrom and singer Black. The heavy metal band issued an EP called Stealing Grace in 2004, a full-length in 2005 and split up by 2006. The band had mastered its album in Greece with two members performing an acoustic set while in town. Mowery and partial co. followed through with the ongoing Tiwanaku. Richard Christy ended up on his dream show, The Howard Stern Radio Show. A second record contracted with Black Lotus Records did not materialize with both the label failing and Christy and Renstrom departing.



Leash Law