S= Dawnrider, Leather>>Xico Steele [F.J. Dias]>>Dawnrider – EDUARDO SANCHEZ CANO
G= Inquisitor, Ravensire>>Rockhard>>Inquisitor, Ravensire - Legion Of The Sadists, Dawnrider, Leather, Dragon’s Kiss>>Hugo Rattlesnake [Hugo Conim]>>Dawnrider, Dragon’s Kiss – RAFAEL “ANIMA” MARTINS – SERGIO DAMAS
D= Dawnrider, Alkateya>>Victor Silver>>Dawnrider, Alkateya – Autopsya, Enchantya>>TIAGO BARROS>>Enchantya

Lisbon, Portugal’s Leather Synn was formed in 2011 by several Dawnrider members and issued a self-titled EP in 2013. Rockhard left the band following the EP’s release. Steele left in 2014. Undertaker’s Alcides Pinto was in. Warlord was a 2020 EP.

The band’s name was inspired by a project Xico Steele had in 2009 with Hugo simply called Leather. Manimal owns Non Nobis Productions to which the band signed.


The demo contains four song of standard and authentic heavy metal that were issued to the public in 2013, but might just as well be the product of 1983. Not only is the musical arrangement reminiscent of the bands of the style’s heydays, but the recording hearken to the bygone days. Listen carefully and hear a few riffs newer bands like Hammerfall proudly plagiarize, but a line could be drawn between what Leather Synn is delivering today and what Faithful Breath did so many years ago. Of all the members the lead guitarist is the most remarkable with his catchy and metallic harmonies. The vocalist has a desperate and nasal voice. His range is limited, but his voice is perfect to the style. Synn Is Ynn sounds cheesy, but no matter for it is the favourite song of the four here. Other remarkable songs title is Committed To Metal of course! The woman on the cover is so excited to be there that she has resorted to masturbation, which makes it all the more disappointing that Metallian Towers has received the limited edition cover where part of her anatomy has been cut off. In either format she is overdressed. - Ali “The Metallian”

This sophomore EP is already said to be Leather Synn's "third reincarnation". Long-time members Carlos Faria and Eduardo Cano have apparently decided to change the band's sound and image while recording Warlord. The aim is said to be to create something in-between heavy metal, hard rock and hair metal and not strictly any one of those! Still In My Heart is the second song on this four-song release and is cited as a blueprint of the band's new direction. The booklet includes an essay-long text explanation of all that the band has in mind. But before that the opener is the title track. The immediate impression listening to Warlord is Manowar. The cover art confirms this feeling as well. Epic heavy metal is one possible description. Stories of battles fought with swords and killings with pride. NWOBHM influences run rampant including and especially the guitar solos. The anticipated second song is perhaps even more 80s sounding. As the song name suggests the lyrics are definitely diverging from the war and glory theme. British bands of the same era are lurking in the minds of these Portuguese. Synn Is Ynn and Committed To Metal are rerecorded versions of the songs that appeared on the band's debut EP back in 2013. The former is very much traditional heavy metal or power metal belonging to the 80s. The song provides evidence that the new incarnation of Leather Synn is going to be less heavy metal and more hard rock. The latter song confirms the feeling, there is more power metal than the newer song where in true Manowar fashion it promises (now promised?) to strike back and attack in studs and leather. – Anna Tergel


Leather Synn