Adoration Of The Blade - 2006 - Deepsend
The Age Of Miracles Has Passed - 2008 - Unique Leader
Behold Almighty Doctrine - 2013 - Unique Leader

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S= Narcolepsy, Calus, Shaitan Mazar, Legion Of Lunacy>>Jason Hohenstein>>Legion Of Lunacy – Mysteriarch, Hellgoat, Viaticum>>Brett Bentley>>Hellgoat, Viaticum
G= Nile>>KREISHLOFF [CHRISTIAN LOFGREN]>>Nile – Desecration, Nile>>Chris Lollis>>Nile – Apotheosys>>ETHAN LANE>>Apotheosys
B= Execration, Scab Maggot, Eulogy, Monstrosity, Capharnaum>>Mike Poggione>>E ulogy, Monstrosity, Capharnaum, Doomsilla – Apotheosys, Atrocious Abnormality, Carcinogenic>>JAMES O’NEAL>>Apotheosys, Atrocious Abnormality, Carcinogenic
D= Despotic Robot, Perpetual Suffering, Cyanide Breed>>Jeremy Nissenbaum>>Cyanide Breed – Annthennath>>ALEX LANCIA>>Annthennath

Lecherous Nocturne hails from the metal Mecca that is Greenville, South Carolina. The band was formed in 1997 by Kreishloff and issued demos in 2001 and 2002. During this period, the group had obtained the right to open for the likes of Immolation and Krisiun. Hohenstein had moved from Atlanta to sing for the band. The group moved to Colorado in search of a bassist and a guitarist, but would eventually return and bring back drummer Clay Lytle on drums. The group would come to feature bassist Mike Poggione of Monstrosity and drummer Dallas Toler-Wade of Nile as a session member. Adoration of The Blade was recorded in 2006. The group signed with Unique Leader Records and in the summer of 2007 and toured America in the autumn under the Kampagning American monicker. The band had its tour van and equipment stolen on September 19th at Edwards Theatre in Houston, Texas. The band recruited guitarist Ethan Lane from Apotheosys in 2009. Lane had filled in for Mike Poggione on bass on the band’s last tour. He was replacing Chris Lollis, who had now left the American band. In 2009, Lecherous Nocturne lost singer Jason Hohenstein to the man’s job and wife. The South Carolina-based band was seeking a replacement and could be contacted through lecherousnocturne@gmail.com. Deicide was slated to participate in a North American headlining tour called March Of Death 2012 in March 2012. Support would come from Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne. Lecherous Nocturne recruited vocalist Brett Bentley (Viaticum and Mysteriarch) in late 2011 as it entered the studio to record a new album. Lecherous Nocturne would release its third album, Behold Almighty Doctrine, on February 19th, 2013 through Unique Leader Records. The line-up featured four 'new' members. In October of 2013, Lecherous Nocturne signed a deal with Willowtip Records.


Adoration of The Blade is a 23-minute first EP from this death metal super group which features members of Nile and Monstrosity and sounds like it too. The band is essentially blasting death metal with minimal lyrics, although it is obvious very quickly that the band has that much more brutality in its repertoire. The lyrics are equally belligerent towards Christianity and Islam, although when the band addresses Islam and equates its to global domination one must note how the modern terrorists have ever come to 'us' after we went to them and occupied and devoured their countries. 'We', on the other hand, have been exploiting them wherever we have found them (and their ore). One could have very easily done without the homophobic liner notes as well. Does it make men feel good to bash homosexuals after all these years?
Adoration Of The Blade could have used a better production but does the job if the job is pummelling the listener in style. The opening scream of the album and the song Kampagne is priceless. - Anna Tergel

Just War Theory kicks off the proceedings with an intro of sorts and before too long blasting drums; speedy somewhat technical riffs and screaming vocals invade. The song is pure and all out death metal. We Are As Dust is much the same and perhaps even more in its riffing and vocals. When Single Shines The Tripled Sun is slightly more controlled, but nevertheless doesn’t let up much. Edict Of Worms is chaotic and fast with a very short break in the middle. The title track is next and spends a long time being on the heavy rather speedy side. Requiem For The Insects doesn’t waste a second jumping back into the crushing speed and at less than two minutes long it doesn’t disappoint. Death Hurts Only The Living has a somewhat chunkier guitar sound and is as heavy as it is fast. The Preponderance Of Fire closes the album very much like it started.
In the true tradition of albums which are intense and mostly non-stop The Age Of Miracles Has Passed is all of 28 minutes long and certainly does the job, but unfortunately minus any solos. - Anna Tergel


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