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Lee Aaron Project – 1982 - Freedom
Metal Queen – 1984 – Attic
Call Of The Wild – 1985 – Attic
Lee Aaron – 1987 – Attic
Heroine [Bodyrock] – 1989 – Attic
Some Girls Do – 1991 – Attic
Emotional Rain – 1994 – No Bull
Lee Aaron & 2 Preciious – 1996 – Koch
Slick Chick – 2000 – Barking Dog
Beautiful Things – 2004 – Barking Dog
Fire & Gasoline – 2016 – Big Sister

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Lee Aaron (born Karen Greening) was a travelling musician crisscrossing Canada by the time her first album was released in 1982. Lee had begun her musician life as a keyboardist. Strangely enough, Karen had joined the band Lee Aaron in 1977 and would later adopt the monicker as her own. In March of 1983, Lee would appear nude in the adult magazine Oui, something she would later disown and attribute to a lack of money. Based in the suburb of Brampton, located north of Toronto, Lee Aaron, former Wrabit guitarist John Albani and manager Bob Connolly banded together with members of heavy rock act Moxy (who would not be credited) to record the Lee Aaron Project. Albani and Aaron would become a couple and work together for the next ten years. The sex appeal and the music were enough to get the band touring in Europe and have Aaron, Albani and a new line-up back in the studio in late 1983. Aaron was part of the Lock Up Your Sons tour alongside Lydia Taylor band and The Headpins in Canada. The European shows were apparently performed in association with musicians from the continent again due to a lack of funds. The resulting recording was the defining moment of her career. Dubbed Metal Queen – with Lee playing the part to perfection - the album saw uncommon promotion when the newly launched Canadian channel MuchMusic put the clip for the title track in regular rotation. Lee Aaron’s new label, Toronto’s Attic Records, reissued the lee Aaron Project LP in 1984 upon signing the band. The new version featured a bonus song and a new cover.

The subsequent albums featured an evolving cast of characters and were markedly more commercial. The band’s European profile was never quite the same, but Lee Aaron experienced growth and sales in North America culminating in 1989’s Bodyrock (which was released as heroine in some territories). Call Of The Wild had garnered band a coveted opening slot with Bon Jovi. Lee had contributed vocals to Scorpions’ hit single Rhythm Of Love in 1987 when Don Dokken’s work was erased. Beginning around 1990 Lee began contemplating a career as a jazz musician and became a Christian. The transition was complete by the end of the century. By that time, the Christian jazz vocalist would also turn her attention to making a family on the Canadian West Coast. 2preciious featured members of the band Sons Of Freedom. Fresh off her Lee Aaron & The Swingin' Barflies jazz album/tour in 1999, the Canadian singer was working on a new 'rock' album for release in 2000. Some previously recorded tracks would be omitted.

Lee would repeat her success at Rock The Fort Festival of 2006 where she mixed her newer songs with the older metal songs in Thunder Bay, Canada by doing a number of similarly themed shows in the summer of 2008 in Canada. Lee Aaron would release a video of her performance at the 2011 Sweden Rock Festival, which was held June 8-11, 2011 in Sölvesborg. It was called Live In Sweden. Lee Aaron’s Fire And Gasoline album was released on March 25th. The band was going to tour Europe in the summer. A video for Tom Boy featured Aaron’s daughter. She was issuing an independent album called Radio On! In 2021.

Lee Aaron has been nominated for a Juno Award a total of 16 times. She has accumulated zero wins.



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