Fevered - 1997 - Mass/Nuclear Blast
Light Shines Black - 2001 - Mass

S= Kicki Hoijertz>>Siebenbürgen – MARIANA HOLMBERG
G= Jocke Mardstam - Unholy, The Kristet Utseende>>JANNE WIKLUND
B= Remedy, Gloom>>Peter Selin

Left Hand Solution was formed in 1991 by Jocke Mårdstam (guitar), Jörgen Fahlberg (vocals and bass) and Liljan Liljekvist (drums). After a year the band released a demo, which was called Dwell. Peter Selin joined in 1992. Another demo, called Falling, and the Shadowdance EP came in 1994. The next year singer Mariana Holmberg entered the fray and LHS recorded a demo called The Wounds Of Bitterness. The line-up recorded the Fevered album, which Mass licensed to Nuclear Blast. Jocke Mårdstam left the band in 1997 and was replaced by Janne Wiklund. An EP called Light Shines Black as recorded and after much delay, due to the label’s financial problems and line-up changes, released in early 2001. The band toured the world, but before reaching North America lost Peter Selin. He was replaced by Henrik Svensson of The Confusions. Shadowdance was remastered and reissued in 2003. The EP’s re-release party featured an appearance by the band’s early line-up.


Pulling the CD out for the first time my first impression was that I had received a second copy of the Exit 13 full-length album. The cover's colours are a perfect match. Musically though, the bands are at the opposite ends of the metallic spectrum. The Swedish four-piece of Marlana Holmberg (vocals), Jocke Mardstam (guitars), Peter Selin (bass) and song writer/drummer Barthold profess allegiance to light doom and feature female vocals. While the music can produce its serene moments and occasionally be soothing; it is over repeated listens that it finds itself dull and less than pleasant. It is still attractive to a certain extent though as much as it's designed for simplicity. Holmberg's vocals unfortunately have little depth, a fact that coupled with the occasional poor phrasing often translates into a poor performance. While Holmberg possesses the voice to complement a band such as LHS, she desperately needs to work on her breath and stamina to add that missing element of depth to the band. Additionally, in need of work are the phrasings which on more than one occasion comes over as awkward. A so-so release then from a band that can not yet be recommended. It also remains to be seen how Nuclear Blast will handle LHS, seeing that this music is a new venture for NB - will be watching. - Ali "The Metallian"


Left Hand Solution