Legacy - 2003 - Chavis

Legacy image
G= Silver Mountain, J.H.B.>>JONAS HANSSON
B= J.H.B., Lizzy Borden>>MARTEN ANDERSSON>>J.H.B., George Lynch, Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob, Starwood, Steelheart, Lita Ford
D= Jean-Marc Belkadi >>STEPHAN EMIG>>Jean-Marc Belkadi

Legacy - not to be confused with Testament’s early days’ monicker or the dozen other acts with the same monicker - was the American-based band of former Silver Mountain guitarist Jonas Hansson and fellow Swede and Jonas Hansson Band member Marten Andersson (of Lizzy Borden) issued an independent album in 1999. This was preceded by a 1994 demo. The record would be re-issued through Chavis Records in 2003. Valhalla Music would have its turn in 2005.


Despite being based in California, this Legacy is not a prequel to Testament. Rather this is a US Metal (think Apocrypha, think Riot, etc.)-meets-Rainbow act with particular emphasis on shredding guitars. It is unmistakable that the leads are Blackmore-inspired. There are lead tradeoffs and a slew of lengthy solos as well. The bass is loud and present, while the vocals both melodic and harmonic within a high pitch. The singer gives the band a sound reminiscent of Slaughter. There is a whiff of keyboards on certain songs and the drum sound is slightly light, but the band still brings quite a few ideas to the table. Certainly not all of the band's ideas work though which renders the picture patchy, but Legacy emphasizes traditional hard rock and has many great parts. A good example is the great effect achieved on Autumn Rising. Then again Legacy can break into more jazzy and progressive instances as in Astral Sundown or a more soulful effort on Thank you.
This album was originally recorded and released independently four years ago by the band. It would be interesting to hear Legacy's progression henceforth. - Ali "The Metallian"