Death By A Thousand Cuts - 2002 - The Spew
Manmadepredator - 2003 - The Spew
The Process Of Elimination - 2005 - Relapse
Marasmus - 2007 - Relapse
Hypomanic - 2010 - Season Of Mist
Razorgrind – 2017 - Season Of Mist

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S= Fuck Off And Die, Permanent Death>>Isaac>>Permanent Death - Suppository>>Boris Cornellssen - Ackros>>SERGE KASONGO>>Ackros
G= Dark Ages>>Fornicator Glen Herman>>Dark Ages - Serial Butcher>>Nicolas Malfeyt - Spleen>>JAN HALLAERT>>Spleen
B= Suhrim, Bütcher>>Kevin Johan Antonissen>>Suhrim, Bütcher - Welkin, Thee Plague Of Gentlemen>>Steven>>Serpentcult, Alkerdeel - Serial Butcher>>NICOLAS MALFEYT
D= Anal Torture, In-Quest, Aborted, Whorecore, Welkin>>Sven De Caluwé>>In-Quest, Aborted, Whorecore, Welkin - Once Godlike, The Seventh>>Tony Van Den Eynde>>The Seventh - OLIVIER COPPENS

Ghent, Belgium’s Leng Tch'e, meaning 'death by a thousand cuts' as a form of ancient Chinese torture, was formed in early 2001 as a grindcore band. The band name was picked by singer Isaac. The monicker was also a John Zorn title. The group actually arose from the ashes of Anal Torture by Fornicator Glen and drummer Sven. It did not take long for the band to obtain a recording contract from Italy’s The Spew Records. The band entered CCR Studio in the winter of 2002 and recorded its debut album, Death By A Thousand Cuts. The track Fuck Eddy De Dapper was quickly re-titled Fuck Censorship on further pressings following legal cajoling. A split with The Black Ops also was recorded and separately released. Nicolas left in order to move to New Zealand. The band enrolled former Pyaemia bassist Frank Rizzo as guitarist in late 2003. Willowtip Records picked up Manmadepredator for the US market. In 2006, the band released a split CD with French grindcore band Warscars on Bones Brigade Records. The group also was signed to Relapse Records by now.

A new album emerged through Relapse in 2007 as did a new guitarist, namely Peter Goemaere (Aborted and ex-Emeth). He was replacing Geert. Marasmus was mixed by producer Fredrik Nordström at studio Fredman. A video for the song 1-800-Apathy was shot in Paris. The group toured in 2007 with Krisiun and Immolation. With Sven’s departure in 2007, in order to focus on Aborted, the group announced Tony Van den Eynde from Belgian death metal band The Seventh as its new man behind the kit. The group was seeking a bassist following Nicolas switching to the guitarist position in late 2007. Singer Boris Cornelissen left in the middle of 2008 and was replaced by Serge Kasongo from Ackros. A split-CD with Fuck The Facts was due next. Leng Tch’e , Krisiun and Paroxysm banded together for a tour of Canada in late October and November of 2008. Next, Season of Mist signed Leng Tch'e. The band finished its new album at Parlour Studio in Kettering, UK with producer Russ Russell in early 2010. It was expected in the summer. Leng Tch’e has picked Hypomanic as the title for its new album, which was due in June through its new label, Season Of Mist. The album was recorded at Parlour Studio in the UK with producer Russ Russell. The band claimed it is its heaviest record yet. Leng Tch'e lost drummer Tony Van den Eynde in late 2011 and replaced him with an Olivier Coppens. Belgium-based Leng Tch’e re-signed with Season Of Mist in 2017 and a new album was due that summer.


One will never come across such a collection of hate-songs again. Titles like The Meaning Of Life (how mom and dad's drunken state lead to his birth), Public Enema no 1 (mass media hypnosis), You Fat Prick (girlfriend/boyfriend story), Popularity Contest ("The books 'Hypocrite Assholes' and 'Rich Bitch Suckers' have no more secrets for you), Sleazebag (the story of an alcoholic junkie), GOD=Mass Hysteria (mows all gods down in the same sentence), Nothing To Be Proud Of (anti-racism), All Hippies Are Dropouts and Life Is An STD barely leave anyone unblemished. In fact, the band slides in many implicit musical tirades of hip hop and sell-outs like Anthrax into the whole mix too.
The band and album are one large dose of adrenalin-pumped hatred running loose on a plane of deathgrind. The band's down tuned guitars are akin to a razor, the bass is loud and savage and the Macabre-ish main vocals are backed by the roar of drummer Sven who earns (hardly) a living in Aborted as well. The band's rapper pose notwithstanding, Manmadepredator is a lightning-like stab at the mind. - Ali "The Metallian"


Leng Tch'e